The Most Outstanding Politicians of All Time

Politics can be tough, cruel, demanding and disappointing. Succeeding in politics requires intellect, courage and wisdom, a cold mind and a hot heart. We have seen so many political leaders throughout the history of humanity, and yet, only a few of them have captured people’s hearts and minds with their eminent deeds.

Here are a few of the most distinguished politicians, whose lives and actions had a huge impact on the future of their countries and the whole world.

Personalities and Achievements of the Most Prominent Politicians

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln is one of those most celebrated American presidents of all times. His leadership helped the United States overcome the deepest crises of the 19th century: the Civil War of 1861-1865, the servitude abolition and the post-war period of economic and industrial modernization. He is largely responsible for the historical events that made what America is today: united, free and tolerant. Abraham Lincoln’s character constituted an exceptional merger of wisdom, perseverance and hard work. His primary focus was to keep the American states united and to get rid of slavery for good, he never accepted half-measures. His firm decisions helped him be an irreplaceable leader throughout very difficult times.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is a controversial character, and yet he is the most prominent politician in the history of Great Britain. During his two terms being Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, he managed to bring victory to the Allies in the World War II and free Europe of Hitler’s atrocities. Moreover, he made huge progress in the UK domestic policy, introducing the minimum wage and other financial reforms aimed at improving the quality of life of ordinary people. He also received a Nobel Prize in Literature for his written works.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela’s biography is both outstanding and horrifying. He was the first black President of South Africa, and a revolutionary who almost single-handedly brought the revolting apartheid policy to an end. Despite having spent almost 28 years in prison, he was determined to continue self-education, be inspiring and forgiving. He made South Africa a much safer place and played a huge role in fighting with racism on a global scale just like betway casino review and it’s administration fights ungrateful visitors in the modern world . Mandela’s 3-hour “I am prepared to die” speech, which he gave during 1964 Rivonia Trial leading to his imprisonment, is considered to be a milestone of African democracy.

What makes these leaders stand out is that they made drastic social change possible. They played big, and they allowed themselves to think differently, and imagine an improved world. The 20th century was in particular one of those horrifying periods in the political history of mankind. Yet, hard times allowed great leaders to appear. They gave themselves completely to their cause and proved the statement that great deeds require great sacrifices.

Good political leadership is that one factor that will always be required for humanity’s progress and prosperity.


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