Traveling - Get Motivated to Make it Happen

You’ve always dream of traveling the world and filling your passport with stamps from exotic foreign border posts, yet you haven’t got around to yet, right? First, the excuse was financing, then came family and now your busy life is blamed for not living up to your dreams.

It’s been said that with the right amount of motivation there’s nothing much that can’t be done and it’s certainly true. Highly motivated people can achieve just about anything they set their minds to. The hardest part of doing the nearly impossible is to stay motivated until it’s done. Although most people dream of seeing the world, very few achieve these dreams and the simple factor to blame is often motivation.

Planning a trip while balancing a busy life, family, friends, and finances can seem nearly impossible. Getting motivated to planning your trip to far-off destinations and realizing your dreams are a lot easier than it seems. A few things can be done to get the motivation running high and before you know it you will be a lot closer to ticking off that trip on your bucket list.

#1 - Use it often

Possibly the very best motivational wisdom was heard when someone was complaining that motivation doesn’t last. A very clever answer to the regular complaint was that ‘motivation is like bathing. It doesn’t last. That’s why it’s recommended you use it daily.’ Just like staying motivated in any other area of your like, the best thing you can do is to realize that motivation doesn’t last. You cannot expect to become highly motivated about something and completing the task with your first and only motivational effort. If you are serious about getting the job done, regular efforts should be made to stay motivated. It’s a strategy, not something that falls from the sky, therefore you should plan and work just as hard at staying motivated than you do on working to achieve your goal.

#2 - Accountability for success

You know very well that pressure gets the job done. There are few things in life as effective at speeding up a process than having a deadline. Goals without deadlines and accountability often end up being neglected to achieve those that others expect you to achieve. Dreams of traveling usually have to take the backseat to other goals in life because no one expects us to achieve it. There are many ways of creating an environment that will hold you accountable for your traveling goals and if you are serious about achieving them you should tap into this motivator. Start telling your friends and family about the trip you are planning and update them about the information you gather in the process. You can also make use of motivational and accountability websites and apps - these range from to-do lists with reminders to communities and forums that will help you succeed. If you are serious about achieving any goal, find a way to hold yourself accountable for it.

#3 - Time to do it

Travelling was always part of the plan, you just never found time to make it happen, isn’t it? You should realize that part of achieving any goal is setting time aside to get things done. When are you going to take that trip? ‘Someday’ is simply not good enough. Goals are dreams with deadlines attached to it. If you want to make it happen, set a time limit. When are you going to take that trip? ‘In two months’ or ‘next year August’ are the correct answers for goals while ‘someday’ is just another way of saying that it will remain only a dream.

#4 - Think about it

Remember that we said that motivation is only effective when it’s used daily? Your thoughts absolutely guide your actions and the more you think about making goals a reality, the bigger your chances for success. Take practical steps to turn your plans into actions by spending the time to turn abstract thoughts into pictures - it’s the best way to get excited about achieving your goals. Read a book about your desired destination, join a forum, read a travel blog or search for pictures online. Visualize success.

#5 - Success is in the details

Information is an integral part of any project and achieving your traveling goals is no different. Start doing the research. Read up on local customs and cultures, what’s the weather like, what languages are spoken? Learn a few words in a foreign language that can help you on your trip, then learn a few more. Now you absolutely have to go because you simply cannot waste your new language skills. Gain a better understanding of your chosen destination and you’ll not only make a greater effort to get there but you’ll also enjoy your trip more all together.

If you are motivated to reach any goal in life you’ll make it happen - if you aren’t quite there yet, you’ll never run out of excuses. Turning your traveling dreams into goals and achieving them is not half as difficult as the multitude of excuses make it sound. Whether you’ve always dreamt of laying on a white beach on the other side of the world, exploring unknown cultures and destinations or just want to take a wild Las Vegas hotels trip with friends, it’s time to make it happen. Stop with all the excuses. Someday is simply not good enough. Start making it happen right now.


Raymond Wilson is a successful blogger whose articles aim to help readers with self-development, entrepreneurship and content management.

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