My Own Worst Enemy

Yesterday we talked about getting stuck in the Gravity of "I Can't." I woke up to smell the petunias of Financial Gravity. I caught myself pushing my dreams to the future because I can't have them today. That Gravity belief snuck up on me over the past two years, since I decided to shift my course, to write Defy Gravity to pursue my dream as an author and speaker.

That Financial Gravity wasn't there before. If I had a dream, I visualized and I manifested - usually very quickly and very precisely. But now I can see the programming that snuck in - subtly and slowly. My Gravity went something like this...

I am transitioning my career (and leaving my comfort zone) during an economy that makes doom and gloom a reality for many. Somewhere along the way, I accepted the Gravity belief that I had to "start over." I talked myself into believing that I needed to rebuild my credibility and demonstrate my expertise. Of course I would have to limit my spending, limit my dreams, limit my life - I'm a beginner. Isn't that what beginners do? WOW.

My Financial Gravity beliefs went something like this:

• I can't have immediate success, I have to work hard and pay my dues. Reality Check: What were the 22 years as a consultant, if not "paying dues?"

• Since I focused a year on the book, and didn't work, I have to expect my financial resources to be limited. Reality Check: I had the resources to be able to take the time - and made the decision to do that.

• I'm not working 100+ hours/week and I am having fun - so I deserve less financial reward. Reality Check: Effort and misery does not equal reward - DUH.

The list goes on and on.

I'm chuckling as I find these buried beliefs; guiding my thoughts, my actions, my dreams. I thought I was 'free' from my old habits of financial limitation - but guess what? They were so sneaky they just buried themselves in the back of my mind and let the world around me do the programming. I dipped into the New Economy blues and didn't even know I'd taken the dive. Double Wow.

I'm already in the process of shifting.

To be continued...

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