No DMs Please

Just when I thought it was bad - it got worse. We all know how annoying all the Twitter 'Thanks for following' DMs are, right? Mine have become downright out of control these days. I miss my friends DMs thanks to all the SPAM in my DM column. Sigh. It's worse than email because I can't block Tweets.

I wouldn't mind the DMs so much if they really were thanking me and/or offering something valuable. But we know that's not true either. It's a rare DM that offers anything other than 'Follow me on FB', 'Get 1,000 followers in under 60 seconds', 'Use my MLM and you'll be a millionaire tomorrow'. Blah Blah.

Recently I've been paying a bit more attention to those pesky DMs. I wanted to see if anyone had a clue about an effective use of Direct Messages in response to Follows. I'm sad to say - I haven't found a single one yet that made me jump up and scream "Yes!!"

I did find one yesterday that made me scream "NO!" more loudly than usual. The Tweep has over 32,000 Followers so you'd think he'd know better. Obviously not.

Here's the DM...with a few changes to protect the guilty.

I'm honored for the follow! I create sustainable business systems.

No DMs Please? Excuse me Mr. Tweep, I must be confused. Didn't you just DM me to sell your services? Didn't you just take my time, invade my space, without asking permission? And now you're telling me you're too busy to accept a DM back from me?

You gotta be kidding me.

I am amazed at the Power of Twitter and other Social Media platforms to network with like-minded folks. ISM is a fabulous tool when used appropriately.

I'm also continuously shocked at the seeming lack of just plain common sense (or maybe in this case it's common courtesy) from folks on social media - especially Twitter.

So, here are a few little clues for anyone using Twitter. Forget the DMs, stop annoying people and just be yourself. Let your voice shine through your Tweets, share your value freely and let people see why they want to be a Follower of you and your thoughts. That's the key to creating a loyal SM following - on any of the platforms.

* Don't send blind, pointless DMs.

* Stop Spamming with your promises of thousands of followers.

* Forget the millionaire overnight promo and most of all...

Don't insult people by telling them your time is more valuable than theirs.

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