10 Steps to Hosting a Proper Webinar

Most businessmen are busy people; therefore, there are times that they will not have the time to attend seminars. If you are about to host a seminar and your listeners are from various places, what is your plan in order to make it succeed? Of course, you will need to consider the venue, the accommodation of your guests and their foods.

With a webinar, you will no longer need to worry of these things. You can conduct workshops or lectures even without the need of leaving your house. The same is true with your listeners – they won't have to travel just to go to your place.

Despite the fact that you don't need a lot of preparations for the webinar, there are still steps that you should consider in order to make it successful. Here are 10 steps that should be considered.

1. Schedule the event ahead of time. You have to consider the schedule of your audience. Some of them might have appointments already set in the coming days, therefore, make sure that you will inform them of the tentative date for the webinar. Also, if possible, schedule the event on a holiday or on a weekend.

2. Consider the different time zones of your audience.

3. Decide on the tool that you will use. Make sure to test several tools that are offered online so that you can select the one that is most appropriate for your topic.

4. Practice. Make sure that you will not end up funny or weird during the discussion. You have to sound professional, and thus, you have to practice your turn.

5. Create an agenda. Make an objective for the event. Why are you doing it? How can it help you and your audience? Create an agenda that is achievable.

6. Send an invitation to your audience. You can call them on their free time or send them a private message about the event.

7. Plan and prepare your presentation. Make sure that you have all the needed things and make sure that everything is set up.

8. Record any discussions that will take place during the webinar.

9. Follow-up the event. Provide summary of what was discussed and then get some feedbacks from your audience. In case that you are planning to host another webinar in the future, inform them about it. 10. Review and assess your feedbacks. This is a great way of improving your performance. Take note of the weak and good points as pointed out on the feedbacks of your audience.


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