Articles marketing: An Affordable Internet Marketing Tool

Have you ever heard of article marketing? It is the form of internet promotion that brings the traffic to a particular website when keywords stuffed article is placed on some high authority websites that hosts internet articles. It's obvious that Content is King, this quote has been repeated many times and each time it has proved its authenticity. Search engines love frequently updated websites, so article marketing has become a great way of promoting products on internet. Users look for information on internet and providing them information through articles is a guaranteed method to drive potential traffic to your websites.

When a user types a keyword in the search engine, then pages that are indexed in search engine's database which contain the particular keywords are displayed in result and this process leads traffic to sites that have high keyword rich articles. The power lies in the articles and the way you promote and write it. You will have to add keywords and even the answers for user question both in the articles.

Article marketing is growing up as the most affordable way of promotion on internet. Here are the reasons why it has become seriously popular among internet marketers:

It's easy and free!

Yes, it may sound too good to be true, but article marketing is very easy and it's almost free for every marketer. If you have the knowledge of writing good quality articles that can talk to the users and communicate with them using words, then you can use your ability to write promotional articles which will have solutions for user’s problem and can even insert your promotional pitch in the articles simultaneously. Users always look for things that have value. If you simply write sales pitch and promotional articles then you can never get any benefit from article marketing. You should write articles that can help users. Since most popular article directories are free so you can add any amount of your article into these free article directories to drive traffic to your site.

Brand creation:

Your websites will be more popular and you can increase the brand awareness of your product through free articles directory. Free article directory get huge amount of web traffic so your websites can get indexed in search engine in no time, which will in return help you create a authority in the search engine results.

Quality Backlinks:

Since these free article directories provide free reprint articles so other websites too syndicate and republish articles from these directories. Once you have submitted your article in these directories, other websites too will add the article into their websites sending you more quality backlinks. These backlinks will not only send your traffic but will also provide you link juice for higher pagerank.

Increase Sales:

Internet users have huge information retrieval system on their hand. They can simply search about you and your product on search engine to know your legitimacy and product guarantee. By writing articles about your niche and products, users and potential clients can know about your knowledge in the field and would be reluctant to buy from you. Every popular internet marketer has a authenticity on his niche which helps him turn his visitors into clients.

Simply write high quality articles and insert your promotional pitch into it. Now, using free article submission tools submit them to various free article directories and see customers roil into your website luring for more information and finally purchasing your products.


Richard Pang is a full time webmaster who running an article directory site. Over 380++ categories and 80000++ free quality articles reprint for your website, email newsletter, blog, ezine and rss feed. Submit your articles to our article directory for massive exposure.

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