Richard Crenian


Richard Crenian has lived on his own since the age of 16, growing up in the Western Canadian Prairies. He attended the University of Saskatchewan, but left to start working with Pitney Bowes, a marketing and office equipment manufacturer. He quickly became the youngest Sales Manager in Canada overseeing men twice his age. Many successes ensued including top 3 Sales Representative, in Canada, and top Branch of the Year honors which he wore as sales manager. At 21, tired of working for someone else, he started a real estate development company based out of Saskatchewan, Canada, building rental multifamily buildings, for sale. While there, he served as a Governor for Junior Achievement, Saskatchewan and at the University of Saskatchewan, College of Commerce, on the advisory board. He also participated on his Church Building Board. Richard went on to build over 11,000 apartment and condos, and numerous retail plazas before the age of 30.Richard left the prairies in, and moved to Toronto, Ontario in 1986, to pursue his dream of building in the bigger populated cities, to compete with other developers and builders in his industry. His love for sports and hockey led him to participate in the Scotiabank ProAm Tournament, which raises funds for the Baycrest Alzheimer Foundation, of Toronto. He has been a continual top fundraiser for this cause, and in 2013 was the top fundraiser for his efforts. He also supports the Daily Food Bank, Sunny Brook Hospital Toronto, Covenant House, and his local Church, and a local School in Toronto. Since 2000, Richard has focused on buying cash flow related properties, plazas, and office buildings, with investments in certain condominium projects, mostly focused in Canada. His work takes him all over the world exploring, and searching for new ideas, having travelled most of the world from Africa to the Yukon. He strives to travel far and wide annually. He is involved with his local chapter of the World President’s Organization, after graudating from the Young President Organization. His intensity and competitiveness continues to motivate him to keep working, and sharing his success story to those that are willing to listen, and believes that dreams can become reality, and to preserve, no matter what the obstacle is in front of him.





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