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In the early days of building my Direct Marketing business, I believed that any recruit was a good recruit. If they were interested, I would sign them up without hesitation. After all, that was the name of the game, right? It was all about the numbers. Boy, did that cost me a boat load of time and money. The harsh truth is that no matter how badly we want to fill our downline, 80% of the prospects we sign up will disappear from our radar within a month. Sobering? Sure. Depressing? Absolutely.

But alas, a beacon in the night: the thing that eventually saved me from the wheel-spinning was the realization that just "anybody" can't succeed in this business. I know that's been the pitch for many years, "just plug in the system and it will work for anybody," but that's a lie.

Rest assured that you haven't been lying on purpose. The system works beautifully. It's the people that are broken. Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, and that's a good thing for those of us that are. It weeds out the pretenders and allows us to focus our attention on the real prospects.

If your prospects ask any of the following three questions, you may want to cut your losses:

1. How fast will I make money? Most folks who need money asap may try your program, but if they don't clear five grand in the first month, they're outta here.

2. How much work will it take? Translation: I have enough on my plate. This is easy, right?

3. Is there a money back guarantee? In other words, "I'm gonna quit."

Direct Marketing isn't for everybody, but if you teach yourself exactly what to look for in a prospect, you will save yourself countless hours of frustration.


As the son of an Air Force chaplain, I grew up all over the world (Japan, Germany, and several U.S. states). I went to college at Eastern New Mexico University and now call Wilmington, NC home. I am blessed with a healthy, happy family: my wife, Jenny, and our three kids (Jack, 6, Cami, 5, and Kent, 4 months). Ten years as V.P. at a major corporatin have led me to network marketing, and my hopes and confidence are at an all-time high. If you ever find yourself in Wilmington, please give us a...

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