Networking For Results-The Power Of Social Media

Social media is an excellent networking tool when used properly. You see networking primarily is the process of building relationships from the time of first contact to the end result which is your ultimate goal(s). While online network marketing via social media websites such as Facebook, twitter, MySpace are powerful tools for networking with a broad spectrum of contacts, it can never be an equal substitute for face-to-face contact, nor should be considered so.

Technology when used effectively; can significantly enhance the relationship building process. Networking for results is a 7-C marketing success formula in the relationship building process. So what are these 7-C success marketing formula for relationship building? They are the fundamentals of communication 101-Consistency, Caring, Curiosity, Courage, Contribution, Create value, and Clever communicator. Lets look at each in term:


All network marketing gurus know that attraction marketing is the network marketing for results secret of relationship building. Each interaction is used as an accelerant of achieving the ultimate goal. The act of caring is an attractive force in building trust in a relationship.


"Face your fears and doubts, and new worlds will open to you"-Robert Kiyosaki. This quote aptly described spirit of network marketing gurus. They have the courage to constantly making new contacts which they wisely consider as assets of their business. They are courageous initiative takers who make their contacts feel extremely comfortable in the relationship building process.


Genuine curiosity is a critical tool in the skill set of all top networkers. This attraction marketing tool build spiritual and psychological bonds, making contacts immediately feel loved, important and accepted.

Creating Value

Always give value to your community or contacts. It's the lifeblood of business and all top network marketing gurus are practice this business ethos. By creating value you are establishing yourself as a leader among your peers. In fact, the creating of value is a critical factor of quality leadership. Creating value also means identifying value in others that can be leverage unselfish for the greater good.


Giving is similar to having a contribution focused mindset. Network marketing success is only realized by those who cultivate the mindset of contribution first, contribution always. This is similar to the, "to give is better than to receive mindset".


Consistency, consistency, consistency, consistency is the theme of all network marketing gurus. They know full well that to be successful in relationship building you must be consistent in your approach and recognized that this process can be slow and time-consuming.

Clever Communicator

Effective communication means being a good listener allowing others to be heard instead of been in love with the sound of your own voice. After all, the Creator in his wisdom gave us two organs for listening and one organ for speaking. Maybe there is a cue to take from that, don't you?

I believe that if we follow this 7-CS's then the networking for any results is a reality and the key to unlocking network marketing success in within our grasp.


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