Keeping it Positive

Keeping An Environment Of Positivity In The Workplace

When it comes to keeping an environment of positivity in the workplace, the reality is that sometimes this is easier said than done. Problems often occur within the workplace for many different reasons, including the patience of team members as well as management getting tested, tempers flaring up between individuals, and spats occurring between team members without notice. But thankfully, there is a way for management to keep an environment of positivity in the workplace, and it really has a lot to do with intention. If the goal is positivity, then there must be a clear point of reference for the entire workplace to work towards every single day.

As it is commonly believed, the entire attitude of a company and it’s team members, including management, does indeed start at the top. So, if the upper management starts on the positivity train, this attitude will trickle down to it’s team members, who will then treat customers and clients better as a whole. Finally, the entire office in question will be much more positive on a day to day basis.

It is said that in order to cultivate a positive workplace, it is vital for a culture of positivity to begin with in the first place. This culture of positivity must be an ongoing task that should be tended to regularly. Instead of mangement constantly stressing productivity and result-driven goals which only deals with revenue, management must instead stress the importance of empathy, happiness, and joy. There also must be steps taken by management that create a positive environment, such as stressing the idea that the workplace is not only a place to make money, but instead, a place to enjoy and share with one another along with making money. The workplace should not be feared or hated, but instead, be seen as very positive.

One of the best ways to instill positivity and create a great environment in the workplace is for management to ask team members these three main questions at the beginning of the week…

  1. 1. What are the three things worth celebrating from the past week?
  2. 2. What will I do differently in order to stay positive during the week ahead?
  3. 3. How will I lead positive thinking for myself and my fellow team members?
The most successful companies out there treat the workplace as an extension of their actual families. The goal is not only for team members to produce, but also, to ask questions, discuss, and peacefully enjoy the process of the job itself. And, when management asks these three main questions at the beginning of the week, there is an environment of positivity that is instantly cultivated within the workplace.

The way that these questions should be posted to team members is on a sign placed in front of the office, where everywhere can see it, in a mass email to all employees and team members, or on a flyer placed on every team member's desk. These questions will serve as the catalyst to cultivating an extremely positive environment in the workplace. And, as we all know, the more positive the workplace, the more productivity that will occur, which will result is an overall better place to work, much more revenue for the company, and even more positive customer-company interaction.


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