Walk of Fire

Walking on fire

Why in the world would anyone want to walk on fire? In fact many ask "What the hell are you thinking? That is crazy!". In fact that is the response I got from almost everyone I told that I wanted to and was going to walk on fire. Others, well let's just say they were skeptical at best. Not many believers out there these days I guess.

In fact, you might be saying the same or close to the same thing. WTH are you thinking?

What I was thinking was what a rush, what an accomplishment and what a game changer. I tell clients to challenge their beliefs, try new things to get better results. Take action on the things that cause theme to hold back. Fears they have, ideas that prevent them from moving into greatness. My job as a business coach is to help people face and overcome those limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

So what does this have to do with walking on fire? Here it is... I am so scared of fire it isn't funny. As a young boy I had a scary experience with fire. I was trying to help my dad light the hot water heater in the basement. (gas fed). At 10 years old I had yet to understand how gas and flames work, I just knew that dad couldn't fit in the crawls pace to relight the heater and I wanted to help. "I can do it dad, I can fit, let me!" I exclaimed. So he let me and told me to turn the lever to pilot light and then take this big long (lit) match and place it on the pilot light. After a few failed attempts to light the pilot frustration set in and my 10 year old brain said, "just turn up the gas, that should help" so I turned the lever up to on and proceeded to lit the heater.

Well, you can imagine the result, gas flooded the small area under the heater and as soon a I moved the lit match close... WOOOOOOM!!! Flames shot out and flashed back and burned all of my eyelashes, brows and some of the hair on my head off and flash burned my face and neck. Thankfully my reaction was to shut my eyes and my sight was unaffected. Why do I tell you this? Because I was deathly afraid of fire after that. I had a fascination but overwhelming fear of fire.

What are you afraid of? What scares the heck out of you? Bugs, Spiders, water, speaking in public? Whatever it is the ONLY way to overcome or get past that fear is to do it. Bottom line, you have to face your fear and do it any way! It is mind over issue and a focus on the goal. Knowing what you want is critical when you are setting out to accomplish something.

You must catch that bug, kill that spider (not that I’m about killing anything), jump in the water, get up in front of the group and share that idea or speech. Do it! And Do it NOW!!!

That's the first commandment of Coach Rick’s 12 Common Sense Commandments for Success. "Do it now!" That leads to rule number 2… If not now… WHEN?

When will you take that step over your fire?

Coach Rick Kolster, CBC is a certified business/life coach, the author of the newly released book Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get To Work and speaker on personal growth.. He can be contacted at 817-748-7425


Coach Rick Kolster is an internationally known expert in the areas of leadership and sales,he is also a motivator and Executive coach. He works with corporate leaders to help them design a plan of action to become more effective and maximize profitability. Coach Rick really is all about the 'BALD TRUTH'.

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