Why Internet Marketers Should Have Asset Protection

I don't think the saying more money more problems is a true statement. I do however believe in the saying that with more money comes more responsibility in life. Constructing a proper business entity is essential even for internet marketers and network marketers. I call it the price for doing business, you're not a true business owner if you are not incorporated correctly.

The problem with most internet marketers and network marketers is that they don't see this as a actual business with tax advantages and asset protection. They simply jump in with no long term goals established and no consideration for longevity. Successful people always keep knowledable people around them for advise and consultation. Successful people are always thinking long term so their very rarely caught in a lot of red tape and legal matters. The result of ignorance and lack of preparation is usually an audit or a very expensive fine that could have been avoided if you were more prepared.

Acquiring the services of a good lawyer is paramount for success and is usually the best option. A lawyer can advise you of what actions to take and can walk you through all the paper work and details of incorporating your business. Incorporating online is cheaper but you may find like anything else in life you pay for quality and incorporating your business is not the place where you want to cut costs.


Originally a New Jersey native Rigel Powell graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Miami Fl, with a bachelors in science degree. later after serving honorably for five years in the United States Navy he spent some time in the private investment sector later finding his niche as a marketing executive.

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