From Rags to Riches with Online Self Employed Business Opportunities

How do people go from rags to richeswith online self employed business opportunities? There seems to be no shortage of testimonials from peoplewho have made it to the big time and now earn in a month what many people would struggle to make in a year.

Providing the business opportunity you are looking at is not a scamthe testimonials you read are true. There are strict laws about income claims on the internet particularly when related toself employed business opportunities. The fact is you are looking at3% of people who are successful inrunning an online business. The other statistic is 97% of people who start an online business will fail.You don't see them or not many anyway and nobody wants to read about the failures.

If you are a newbie to running an online business thenreading allthose testimonials ofpeople who have succeeded may seem a little overwhelming at first. You will find however that most started with no experience whatsoever. Many are not even computer savvy. Let's face it, for most of us anything more challenging than sending or receiving emails is for the computer geeks. But how do these people succeed in an alien business and then openlyadmit to knowing nothing about computers when they started?

Most online self employed business opportunities would seem to made for computer geeks. How do they know all that stuff about designing web pages, auto responders and pay per click advertising? But then again you don't see too many computer geeks showing up in all those testimonials you read.

The fact is, for most people, being successfulat running an online business is not easy. It does take effort but nothing is impossible. Most of them probably tried, failed and persisted 100 times over on every aspect of their business before getting to where they are now. That's the difference between the 97% of people who failed. They're the ones who tried, failed and gave up or moved onto something else. Once you have found an online business opportunity then you need to learn everything about it in order to succeed.

No, there's nothing special or magical about the people who succeed in running an online business. It just takes a different attitude and a burning desire to succeed. If you have these ingredients then you have the foundation to succeed at almost any online self employed business opportunity that might present itself. The mechanics of running an online business may involve acquiring the technical skills of geeks but without the persistent attitude to succeed there will be no rags to riches story for you to tell.


Rob Bourne has been involved in the financial services industry for over 35 years. As a practising financial adviser he focuses on the need for practical and down to earth financial education. The aim is to educate people through financial education so they can take control of their own financial future. Visit Rob's website here for more information on business opportunities, investing and financial education or the complete guide to superannuation a...

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