How to Succeed in any Home Based MLM Business Opportunity

Still struggling with your home based business? Perhaps you have several websites up and have joined several affiliate programs but just not getting the leads you need to for your dreams to come true.

The same problem is experienced by most people trying to succeed in a home based mlm business. In fact 97 percent of people trying to operate a home based mlm business will fail. The reason they fail is because they focus on selling instead of trying to add value. It's all too easy to join any of the thousands of home based mlm business opportunities out there, set up a web page, do some advertising and wait for the leads to come in. Even if you do get people to sign up, how long to they stay for? It's like throwing mud at the wall and hoping some will stick.

The answer lies in changing your focus from trying to sell your 'opportunity' or 'product' to selling yourself. Few people will admit or even understand that when they join a home based mlm business opportunity they are joining because they need and want to follow someone who can show them how to be successful. At least that's what the people who succeed in this business will do.

When I joined the business I am in I fully researched it before deciding to join but then I researched my sponsor's background and involvement because I knew if I joined I would need help and guidance to get to where they are. I joined because I believed in my upline sponsors and that they could show me how to succeed. I didn't join because of the 'opportunity'. I had little knowledge of how good the 'opportunity' would be when I joined and the same goes for most people when they first join any home based mlm business opportunity.

So the way to succeed is to focus on adding value to the people you are trying to promote to. You do this by building an online reputation and showing people that you care and how you can help them succeed. Forget the website landing pages. The first thing you must do if you want to succeed is start you own blog and start telling your own story. Let people get to know you first before you start trying to sell them anything.

If you've got a hang-up about putting your life story out there then you need to get over it - if you want to succeed. Just look at any successful internet marketer on the internet and they all have personal stories to tell usually on a personal blog site but also through social media sites like Facebook or Myspace. People join these successful internet marketers because they are relating to them and showing how they can add value rather than hiding behind a website landing page.

There's no secrets on what you need to do to succeed in any home based mlm business opportunity, just concentrate on promoting yourself instead of the opportunity and success will eventually come.


Rob Bourne has been involved in the financial services industry for over 35 years. As a practising financial adviser he focuses on the need for practical and down to earth financial education. The aim is to educate people through financial education so they can take control of their own financial future. Visit Rob's website here for more information on business opportunities, investing and financial education or the complete guide to superannuation a...

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