Opportunities in Retirement

So, retirement is just around the corner or perhaps you have already made that move and given up the stress of that long career to enjoy more time doing something different and spending more time with your partner.

It might be the opportunity you've been waiting for to spend more time on the golf game or maybe you have some planned trips organised around the country or even overseas.

But what happens after you get bored with it all? There's only so long you can keep driving around the country before you wish for the comfort of your own home again and to be back with your family and friends.

Retirement is a great time if you have planned for it during your working years. It is a time to enjoy the fruits of your long career and to spend more quality time around your family and friends.

If you have made the decision to retire it probably means that you have also retired with a comfortable nest egg. Maybe not enough to go wild with, but enough to live on with the cost of an annual holiday built into the budget. Let's just hope that financial adviser you are using doesn't go and lose half of it in the share market. Now that you are retired you are probably checking that account balance every day, getting stressed when the market falls 5 days in a row, never really sure if your nest egg is going to last as long as you hoped.

So, why not take the stress out of it and take control of your own finances.

Financial education is one of the great opportunities in retirement to take control of your own financial future. What excuse do you have? You have more time to devote to growing your own nest egg than any financial adviser is likely to have. If you're saying that you know nothing about investments or managing your own money, then this is a great opportunity to start.

Instead of the mindset of most people who just try to maintain their nest egg, why not look to grow it? What if you could double what you currently have? That would take the stress out of worrying whether your nest egg is going to last. You probably still have a good 20 years or more to enjoy before the kids lock you up in some nursing home so get to it and start learning how you can take control of your own finances.

Start on the internet and join an investment forum - its amazing what you can learn from posing a question to people with all kinds of different backgrounds. Read some books or take a course in financial education to learn about investments. Attend some seminars - this is a great way to meet and interact with like minded people.

If you are looking for opportunities in retirement to do something worthwhile then you will be amazed at how much satisfaction and joy you will get from managing your own finances and investments. You can do it, and think of the money you will save when you dump your financial adviser.


Rob Bourne has been involved in the financial services industry for over 35 years. As a practising financial adviser he focuses on the need for practical and down to earth financial education. The aim is to educate people through financial education so they can take control of their own financial future. Visit Rob's website here for more information on business opportunities, investing and financial education or the complete guide to superannuation a...

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