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The Google Adwords is one of top website portal Google's trademark advertising services which serves as the website's basic source for internet marketing revenue. As of 2009, About 23 Billion Dollars worth of advertising revenues were estimated by Google itself. The Adwords service offers "Rich-Media" advertisements, site-targeted marketing strategies using banner and text as well as the "Pay per Click" or PPC advertising. The Adwords program also offers local and international distribution of website marketing portals and online search advertisements. The text from Adwords consists of one headline which includes sub-text lines. The main support and sales office of the Adwords program for Google is located in California. The main secondary offices are located in the "Ann Arbor" site of Michigan and New York City.

Google Adwords was first conceptualized by US-based website advertiser Bill Gross of "Idealab" industries. Gross adapted the use of online marketing strategy from the traditional "Yellow Pages" advertising service. Google voluntarily became interested in buying Gross' idea before the website officially launched the "Adwords Solution" in 2000. Google adapted Gross' initial marketing model which led to legal actions filed by Gross against Google. The dispute between Gross and the administrators of the website was dismissed through an out-of-court settlement in 2002. Google continued in remodeling their online marketing strategies before launching the use of "Adwords Self-Service Web Portal" to the world in 2005. During the same year, Google provided a specialized online management service called "The Jumpstart". The service allowed amateur and professional advertisers in effectively managing and setting up advertising campaigns in their place.

Also in 2005, Google formally launched the "Google Advertising Professional" or GAP program to give recognition among advertising companies and individuals who have successfully completed the "Adwords Training Program" sponsored by the website. Google introduced a specialized website portal called the "Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC)". The GOMC is an indoor-class series of academic exercises for marketing and other business-related course students under tertiary level. In 2008, over 8,000 to 9,000 tertiary students from 48 countries participated in the 2008 GOMC Challenge. About 10,000 students participated in the January and June 2009 GOMC Challenge. Google recently revised the old interface of Adwords to give way for the launching of the "Local Business Advertisements" for Google Video Ads and Maps. Today, the Adwords program for Google has two main features which are composed of the following:

• The "Frequency Capping" feature allows the Adwords to limit the maximum number of times online advertisements appear from the single Google Content Network (GCN) user in a day. Frequency Capping is usually enabled by GCN users during online advertising or marketing campaign. If the Frequency Capping is done by a GCN user for a single day's campaign, the limited number of online advertisement appearances must be specified to a limited group of target individuals.

• The "Internet Protocol (IP) Address Execution" feature allows the Adwords to add and control advertising placements trough IP methods such as "Ad and Language Targeting" and "IP Address Exclusion".

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