40 Years – 80,000 Hours

40 Years – 80,000 Hours: How are you going to spend all that time?

Most people work 40 hours a week for 40 years, or 80,000 hours. Since a lot of people aren’t very futuristic thinkers they don’t seem to realize that they will work for 80,000 hours over their 40 year work life, and maybe more now as economies are more fragile and life spans longer.

After spending 18 years learning through high school, or 22 years if they went to college, people enter the world of work.

Their short term goal when they graduate is to get a job, any job. The typical pattern of their experiences in the job market is that they become unhappy with their job and seek another and another. This repetitive pattern manifests itself in unfulfilled lives and insufficient earnings to prepare for their lives after work.

Let’s look at the numbers:

• 18-22 years getting an education.

• 40 years of working (hopefully).

• Then another 20+ years after work.

The average life expectancy now is 82.5 years. So if you work for 40 years, and live for another 20+ after work, that’s 60 years!

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a plan for all that time? Unfortunately, most people don’t have a plan and wonder, “what happened?”

It sure is obvious that: Nobody plans to fail…they just fail to plan.

What is your plan?


Robert M. Donnelly is the author of: Guidebook to Planning - A Common Sense Approach, an educator: Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Saint Peter's University, and a brand builder and marketing expert. His new book: Personal Brand Planning for life is a guide for anyone w...

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