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Mobile marketing has arrived. Savvy marketers are displacing the old motivators of features and benefits, and special prices with more compelling and fulfilling customer experiences.

Recent surveys revealed that 83% of consumers are willing to spend more on a product or service if they feel a personal bond with a brand. One-fifth of those surveyed said they would even pay 50% more if they felt the brand/company was customer centric.

If you are among the millions of consumers who visit Amazon and Netlix sites you have witnessed how they provide customized customer experiences. Based upon your unique purchase history and ratings, web content with these firms gets better the more you engage.

Apple is pioneering their iBeacon functionality as part of their iOS7 technology that will be a game-changer for how tech-savvy marketers will conduct mobile marketing campaigns in the future. This neat new form of micro-location geofencing will allow retailers to use a shopper’s exact location in their stores to deliver relevant targeted content.

Here’s how it works for consumers with an iPhone4S or later model, who have downloaded the retailers app: the iBeacon powered by Bluetooth with Low Energy consumption which uses only a small percentage of battery power connects with beacons in the store. Depending on the location of the customer in the store they can receive offers with content related to where they are positioned on their phone.

The options with the iBeacon are limitless. For example, you can develop customized coupons, curate shopping lists based upon past purchases, drive email opt-ins, display product information, send flash videos, and send sales alerts, just to mention a few.

Obviously, to continue to add value marketers will need to engage with individual customers wherever that customer prefers with customized content. How about a situation where you walk into a store and your phone vibrates with a text message thanking you for being a loyal rewards customer, and by the way you have X number of reward points that you might want to use while shopping today. Another option could be upon entering a new store for the first time receiving a text highlighting the unique features of that new location.

Savvy marketers are embracing the concept of being a personal concierge for their customers, using their historical shopping behavior patterns to deliver customized content in real time. Data analytics married with smart phone technology is allowing savvy marketers to guide their customers through their unique consumption journeys.

What are you doing to embrace these evolving tools that allow for the continuing bonding with your customers by adding customized content and value to their relationship with your brand?


Robert M. Donnelly is the author of: Guidebook to Planning - A Common Sense Approach, an educator: Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Saint Peter's University, and a brand builder and marketing expert. His new book: Personal Brand Planning for life is a guide for anyone w...

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