The New Shopping Experience: The Mobile Moment of Truth

Mobile marketing has altered the shopping experience dramatically. Smart devices now allow for instant gratification by allowing users to survey their networks while shopping – an instant form of market research. The on-the-go Millennials who place a premium on speed, efficiency, and simplicity in all their transactions, find this to be the epitome of shopping ease.

They can take pictures of what they are looking at to share with their trusted network members, they can read product reviews, get coupons, search for deals/sales, and compare prices; all on their smart digital devices. Some retailers, like Sephora, have installed iPad Touches to further enable mobile points of sales that allow busy young consumers to make purchases right on the spot. These devices also allow shoppers instant access to their purchase history or rewards program points.

Marketing is all about building emotional bonds with customers. What better way than engaging with them in a more efficient shopping experience. Smart devices enable a web of consumers talking to other consumers about their brand experiences. If you can embellish the shopping experience with valuable content then you have the ability to turn a customer into a brand advocate.

In addition, if you can also satisfy Millennials by having something for them to share with their network of friends, they will promote your brand.

Social media and the proliferation of smart mobile devices allows anyone to be a critic or an expert. They can broadcast their viewpoints and opinions whenever and wherever they want.

If you are a savvy marketer you can listen in on the conversations and insert Millennials into your marketing as “experts”.


Robert M. Donnelly is the author of: Guidebook to Planning - A Common Sense Approach, an educator: Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Saint Peter's University, and a brand builder and marketing expert. His new book: Personal Brand Planning for life is a guide for anyone w...

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