The Idiot Proof Way to Make Money in Network Marketing

Have you seen the flashy headlines, videos, and outrageous claims of "make a thousand in your first 24 hours?" I have and I am here to advise you, as I have been in the business for quite a while, run as fast as you can! Many network marketers, like me, will tell you that there is no magic pill or secret blueprints or secret code; it's really simple and something I consider an idiot proof way to make money online in network marketing.

It All Boils Down to You

If you look at my story and many other successful network marketers, we all have the same things in common. We have made the mistakes early on in our network marketing business but we learned from them and got better. We also took these teachings and passed them onto others to help them become successful. We are normally the first to try a new product or service, and then provide honest and timely feedback. On a daily basis we are educating ourselves by reading, studying, or masterminding with likeminded network marketers. I have had many people ask me what kind of content I could provide to help them become a leader.

Learn Something New Everyday

When you learn something new every day, whether it be a skill or mindset enrichment, you need to share this information. You can learn something by investing in great books, CD's, DVD's, webinars, or masterminding with your mentors. The same day you learn something new, share it! This is a great practice to get into for a couple reasons.

  • The information is still fresh in your mind and you will have an easier time in articulating the information to others.
  • You start becoming a leader in your field. People will become magnetized to you and the information you provide.
  • If you learn something you retain 50% but if you teach someone that new info you retain 25% more.
Give it Away, Give it Away, and Give it Away Now

As you become more of an expert in a field like banner advertising, article marketing, or blogging write a report or book about it. Then what you want to do is give it away for FREE. Yes, you read that right for FREE! When you give this away for free you are really building a relationship and showing your prospects the type of support you are willing to give them at no cost. See, prospects are used to people trying to sell them this or that. You will stand out when you give it away for FREE.

Give Them What They Want

Have you ever heard the saying "Different Strokes for Different Folks?" This saying does come into play in the way to make money in network marketing. People look at your opportunity for different reasons. There are a couple different ways you can obtain information from your prospects which are quite easy.

  • 1. Email- One way would be sending each prospect an email on what information they would like to learn more about.
  • 2. Call- Another would be calling them and asking. If you had prospects like I do, it will take quite awhile but it's the most personal.
  • 3. Survey- One of my favorite ideas would be to send a survey out to all your prospects on what type of information they would like to obtain.
  • 4. Free Training- Now if you would really like a great response, offer a one on one training session for FREE.
This shows your prospects that you are willing to listen to their needs and wants and also that you have time for them.


I am the founder of Global Online Marketing Consulting that helps small business owners with their online marketing ventures. We believe that every business owner has the right to market their business, products and or services online without the hindurance of education or monetary budgets. We do this by giving people different options to market their businesses with different results, and realistic expecations.

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