Abundance for You

People either have an Abundance mentality or a Scarcity mentality. They either think in terms of “Shrinking Pie”, competition and threat or they see life in terms of Sharing, Generosity and Abundance. The way you look at life’s opportunities will determine what you achieve in life.

Nature is abundant – water, leaves, snow, space, stars, unlimited abundance. You can waddle down to the beach with a teaspoon or a pick-up truck – there’s enough sand. There’s as much as you want. But if you believe you can only get a teaspoonful, or if you’re convinced that you only deserve a cupful, or if you’re taught that if you take too much sand there won’t be any left over for the poor…

How much seawater do you want? Money flows like a river – it doesn’t care who it flows through.

We are creative beings. The difference between a millionaire and a struggling employee is simply leverage, belief and value. We are paid in direct proportion to the amount of value we create and the amount of people we can deliver that value to!

How much time do you have? What can you do in this time at 9 hours a day, five days a week? How many hours is that? 6,750 hours with a two-week holiday every year. That’s YOUR time. Why not use Joint Ventures to acquire the time of a thousand other people as well? The only limitations we have are self-imposed. How many potential clients / customers? How big do you think? Australia has 20 million people, Canada 32 million, the UK 60million, Germany 82 million, Mexico 106 million people, the US 296 million – how about India and China? Napoleon Hill said that “whatever the mind of man can believe and conceive, it can achieve.”

Are you operating on gasoline or on nuclear power? A pound of highly enriched uranium as used to power a nuclear submarine or nuclear aircraft carrier is equal to something on the order of a million gallons of gasoline. Then you consider that a pound of uranium is smaller than a baseball, and a million gallons of gasoline would fill a cube 50 feet per side (50 feet is as tall as a five-story building), it’s a good analogy for us to use.

Let’s equate that to work and Joint Venture leverage. Zig Ziglar said, “You can get anything you want out of life if you’re prepared to help enough other people to get what they want.” The more people you reach and help, the more money will automatically flow to you. There are no limits! When you use products and services that are duplicatable, scaleable and that cross-financial, social, demographic and geographic boundaries, you can reach optimal distribution. Using intellectual property, you can avoid having your products copied and knocked off.

If you’re selling time, limiting the geographic, financial, social and demographic area you can serve, you’re chopping wood and making a fire. You don’t even have gasoline. When you find a product or service that reaches a very wide demographic and has no geographic, social, language or financial limitations or barriers, and you use JV’s to distribute that product, you have enriched uranium! The DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum was created for this purpose. Find out more about it at www.jvwisdom.com.

“It is better to burn the candle at both ends. And in the middle, too, than to put it away in the closet and let the mice eat it.” ~ Henry van Dyke.

- Robin J. Elliott

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