Are You Pregnant?

Only a woman who has been pregnant can fully understand this concept of pregnancy. I saw it in lovely daughter’s life recently: the excitement, serenity, anticipation, expectation - the wonderful aura that surrounds a happily pregnant woman. When your heart is pregnant with expectation, it soon becomes apparent to all. One can only hide pregnancy for so long. I know a few men and woman who are pregnant with their goals and objectives and visions. They are on a different wavelength – their purpose is clear - they see beyond the mundane and they know that their dreams are going to come true. They know that they are going to give birth to their vision. They have no doubt and they are deeply in love with their work.

You can see when someone is pregnant with their goals. Their whole demeanor changes. They become focused and powerful. A pregnant female human or animal will protect her unborn offspring with her life. A developer plans his new high-rise building with his architects and erects a huge billboard with a beautiful picture of what will magically appear on a patch of dirt and rocks. Nobody doubts that they will soon see that building. The builders and developers are pregnant with the idea of the building. They create it. They don’t sit around smoking and hoping that it will somehow build itself. They take decisive, purposeful action. They work as a team. They all contribute to the same objective.

I cannot imagine Walt Disney saying, “I don’t work on weekends” or Donald Trump saying, “I hate my job”. Pregnant people are fully committed, whatever it takes. They don’t quit and run at the first sign of trouble. A pregnant woman doesn’t quit at the first sign of morning sickness. The builder doesn’t burst into tears when a laborer doesn’t show up for work. I have never been involved in construction, but I imagine those hard working construction guys take a regular look at the billboard to remind themselves what they’re helping to create. And I can imagine how exciting and fulfilling it must be for them to see the finished product.

If you’re not pregnant with an exciting dream and vision, I suggest you are missing out on a wonderful experience. A purpose driven life is extremely fulfilling and gratifying. Total commitment is scarce and that’s why the ladder of success is never crowded at the top. Fall in love with your vision and then give birth to it. Live life to the fullest. Join the DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum, where we are creating a worldwide community of Joint Venture winners. This morning I talked with a Member in England and e-mailed another Member in Australia. Then I talked with a Member in Eastern Canada and e-mailed another Member in Florida. We’re all pregnant. We’re all working on the same, exciting dream. See our billboard

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