Are You at A Crossroads?

Many entrepreneurs find themselves at a crossroads. They find that they’re working harder and longer hours for less money (profit) and that with the changes in our society and in business, outsourcing, downsizing, and competition from immigrants is eating into their profits. What to do? They’re too smart to go out and get a job and they’ve tried the “Consultant” route and found that most consultants are simply out of work employees that have no idea about business. I have a solution for you. The real sources of frustration in business are marketing, cashflow, margins, seasonality, selling time and limited resources. These can all be overcome quickly by changing your mindset.

The “Missing Link” in small and medium business is Joint Ventures. With JV’s, you can earn 100% profit on transactions outside of your own business scope, while at the same time growing your own business with no cost or risk, by only paying for results and performance instead of promises. Through Joint Ventures, all the resources you require are already available through other people. Think about this: If you could reduce your overhead to zero, how much money would you need? If you could increase your net margin to 100%, how many sales would you need? If you could remove all risk from your advertising and marketing budget and literally only pay for results (commissions), you would have an unlimited marketing budget. This can all be done by using Joint Ventures.

Let’s talk about your unrealized, underutilized, and highly valuable resources that you could convert into real money, real fast: You have a database (or you could quickly create one). Do you have vendors, clients, relationships, a good reputation, inventory, equipment, employees, signage, advertising, memberships of clubs, a church, service clubs, and / or Chambers of Commerce? Do you have a line of credit that is not fully utilized? Do you know people who trust and respect you? Then you have more money than you think. These resources and hidden assets can be leveraged into money through the power of Joint Ventures.

All you need is two things: access to the people to work with, that is the ONE PERCENT of owners of small and medium sized business (we can give you instant access to over 400 of them worldwide), and, secondly, the techniques to use to apply Joint Ventures. That’s what we do at DollarMakers. We can provide you the missing link and all you need to succeed. Now, that’s good news, isn’t it?

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Robin J. Elliott

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