Big Potato?

Two farmers used to sell their potatoes at the market. One would take hours packing the potatoes in layers – small ones at the bottom, big ones on top, so that they were properly sorted when they got to the market. The other farmer would simply throw all the potatoes into the truck together, regardless of size, and race along bumpy roads to the market, thereby saving lots of time and effort. When he got to the market, the potatoes had sorted themselves according to size – the big potatoes on top, and the lower they were, the smaller they got. Big potatoes always rise to the top.

In life, big potatoes are winners and small potatoes are losers. Big potatoes might start off at the bottom and endure a bumpy road, but in time they will always rise to the top of any endeavor or situation. I see that with immigrants. They might get here with nothing, but the winners will wind up above some people that have been in the country all their lives. Losers, on the other hand, will arrive in their new country with money and expectations, but in a relatively short period, they will go to the level they belong at. The real self will emerge. Trailer park trash will end up in a trailer park. And that’s because they revert to the kind of trash thinking and choices they made before.

We decide whether we will be big potatoes or small potatoes, and it’s never too late to change. Small potatoes can become big potatoes, no question about it. That’s what’s great about life – we can always change. The past doesn’t have to be equal to the future. Every day is a new opportunity to start over. Today IS the first day of the rest of your life. And no matter how difficult your circumstances are, have faith and remember that if your thinking is positive and your choices are right, you’re a big potato, and big potatoes ALWAYS rise to the top,

Big potatoes are disciplined, determined, courageous, and honest. They don’t quit and they believe in themselves and in their goals. They delay gratification, surround themselves with winners, and work hard. They live lives of integrity and focus. While others accept mediocrity and compromise, big potatoes demand the best of themselves and are prepared to pay the price of success. In the end, they reap what they sow and find themselves at the top of the heap, every time.

Robin J. Elliott

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