Casting Off

Lucinda was enmeshed in three different Network Marketing companies, two seminar programs, a sleepy, non-productive service club, and a dead-end job. She complained to me that she just didn’t have the time or money for anything new, in spite of the fact that she was going nowhere fast. Too many people are mired in time-consuming, money-wasting, distracting activities and thought processes that effectively prevent them for moving on and reaching worthwhile goals. Or they leap from one “opportunity seminar” to the next, spending time and money, and never taking consistent action. They grab every fad, from Self Development courses to Internet wealth schemes to currency trading to MLM to Real Estate Investment, take a few bites, discard it, and go running off to the next one.

When ground staff used to remove the wooden blocks from in front of the wheels of aircraft, they used to announce, “Chocks away!”

You have to leave the shore in order to reach Treasure Island.

You need to remove certain activities from your 24 hours in order to make place for new activities.

And when your fishing line is caught in the rocks, you need to “Cut bait” if you want to continue fishing.

There comes a time when you have to clear the decks, cut bait, close accounts, resign from committees and clubs, and remove all non-productive activities and commitments from your life, so that you can concentrate all your resources, attention, and energy on something that is really going to work. Cast off from the deck of mediocrity and quiet desperation. Cut the losers and pessimists out of your life. I have found that the people who focus and apply themselves with unwavering commitment for the long term can’t help but get rich and enjoy their lives.

You can’t chase two rabbits or ride two bicycles at the same time. You can’t serve two masters. Sooner or later, you have to settle on one money machine and make it work, instead of rushing off to the next fad as soon as you hit a little barrier or detour. The strong hang in there and persist.

There are a lot of opportunities out there, and they all have some merit. People have made some money in all of them. Some, however, are outdated. Others are simply scams. I've seen a lot of things in my 19 years in business, believe me. The wealth creator that has worked for me and my clients and friends over 19 years is Joint Ventures – the ability to create multiples streams of passive income, FAST, with no money and no risk, to spread your income and optimize your time, leverage other peoples’ resources. You can JV part time or full time, but the full timers who really commit find themselves rocketing to success.

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