Close More Sales with Joint Ventures

Closing more sales. This is a popular topic. We’ve come along way since the “hard sell” and the manipulative closing techniques and tricks that used to work so well, so long ago. Salespeople face a far more sophisticated, self-centered market today. New markets and new challenges require a new approach. Things that used to work, don’t work anymore. Adjust or die. The new business environment demands a mindset that is a step ahead of the competition.

Used to be, we’d “pitch” the prospect and then close hard and keep on closing, ignore objections, force our products and services down their throats and trumpet loudly as we swaggered back to the office clutching a check. Never more, Miranda; never more. Try that approach these days and you’ll end up driving a truck and showing off the watch you won for “Best Salesman in 1979”. Join the has-beens. No. Times have changed.

The good news is that it’s really not hard to do. The correct new approach not only increases closing ratios and retains customers, it cuts attrition and leads to massive increases in referrals. The solution is Joint Ventures. By creating unprecedented added value and talking only with people who are ready, even eager to talk with you because of the Joint Venture platform you’ve created, closing ratios can skyrocket. Strategists work ON their business, while tacticians work reactively IN their businesses. Think more, work less, close more. Be VERY selective.

Partnering up with the right people creates a funnel that attracts, qualifies and sells automatically. Credibility, trust, value and access can be created fast and effectively through Joint Ventures. Sales are the logical and inevitable result. Try it- you’ll like it! E-mail me now for a complimentary copy of my new e-book, “Close More Sales.” Put in the subject line: “I want to close more sales!”

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