Do The Math and Be Free

Here’s a simple way to retire. If you have more income than you need to live comfortably, and that income is passive (that means you don’t have to continually work in order to generate it) you can retire. Here are the steps to generate that income. Realize, first, that “You gotta be specific to be terrific!” You need to know exactly how much you need per month. That’s a very important step. Next, you have to find at least ten sources of that income. Why so many? So that you don’t have all your proverbial eggs nestling quietly in one basket. In today volatile world, where things are constantly changing, we need to spread our risk so that we can survive the dropping, bombing and stealing of baskets.

So now you know how much you need, you find ten people, whom you trust, respect and admire, and who are successful, and you approach each one to find out what they want. You discover what’s in it for you. “If I can get you this, how much will you pay me?” If these people are smart and successful, they’ll tell you in a heartbeat. I recently had someone approach me and he wanted a job and a salary of $5,000 per month. I showed him how he, or anyone else, can easily earn that in my business, but he wasn’t prepared to get paid for results. So we’re not going to work together. He was averse to work and responsibility. But any savvy entrepreneur can show you exactly what he wants and provide you all the marketing and sales information you want.

Now you link up supply and demand. If you link ten good peoples’ needs to the rest of the ten, you have one hundred transactions. Or Joint Ventures. When these transactions are repeated, you create multiple streams of income. If you need six thousand dollars a month, ask each of these ten people what it will take for them to write you a check every month for one thousand dollars. Or three, or five. Spread your income. John Smith wants people to buy his accounting services and he will pay you $50 per client, per month. He needs 20 clients. He offers a Gift Certificate for a complimentary consultation. You distribute there certificates to the databases of the other nine people and generate business for John. John sends you a check every month, starting at $50 and growing. Some sales are once off, but earn you high amounts of commission. You put the machinery in place to generate those sales on a regular basis. It all adds up. When your income exceeds your expenditure, Ka-Ching! You’ve retired!

Where do you find the people? The DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum has hundreds of Members worldwide for you to work with. How do you get access? Join the Forum. How do you learn to do all this? We will teach you – get the tools from us. Joint Venture Brokers create multiple streams of passive income with no money and no risk. I have done this for 19 years and so can you.

Your first step is to decide how badly you want to retire. One a scale of one to ten, one being “I don’t care” and ten being “whatever it takes”, I’m looking for tens.

Step two: Join the Forum and get the tools and education. It’s very affordable, believe me. And you get all the support and guidance you need through our Members meetings, training, conference calls and Conventions.

Step three is to take consistent, enthusiastic, passionate action. And get free.

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