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One of my wise mentors told me about the time he needed the advice and assistance of a well-known business expert. This expert charged very high fees and produced amazing results.

He was well known and very busy. My mentor was convinced that he could never afford the fees required, however he is a highly motivated and courageous entrepreneur, so he approached the business expert with the following proposal, which I think may be of value to you, should you wish to use it.

“I can’t afford your consulting fee, but I have a way to pay you even more. I have a solid business and, in return for your consulting, connection to your contacts and training of my salespeople and employees, I will happily pay you a generous percentage of my increased profits. I will pay you every single week, and my books will be open to you. You can spend as much or as little time as you like working on my business, as I am paying only for results. It is easy to track sales and results in my business so you are not at risk. Yes or no?”

Well, the business expert took a good look at the business, made a few adjustments to the tracking process and then accepted my mentor’s proposal. Sales skyrocketed and both my mentor and the expert made serious money. Eventually, the business expert accepted shares in the business. Remember: Everything is for sale. Everyone has his or her price. Everything is negotiable. It’s not always about money. The best words to use are, “What will it take?” And, it’s easier than you think. If you don’t ask, you won’t get. I once heard of a man who owned a car dealership, who gave a business guru a car in return for his services!

When next you tell yourself that you can’t afford something, think again. There is always a way when you think out of the box. We don’t have money problems; we have thinking problems.

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