Do you live with anxiety and fears that you seldom reveal? Do you lie awake at night, worrying about things? Do you agonize about things? Are you afraid of being embarrassed of being proven wrong? How much of your time do you spend being scared and troubled? How often do you voice your fears and talk about them, thus giving them even more power over you? Is your self talk like a wakening nightmare? We know that whatever you give attention to, will grow, and yet we spend a lot of time, energy and concentration on things we don’t want, don’t we? We spend more time making mental pictures of things we don’t want to happen than on planning solutions and successful action plans! The average person spends more time planning a meal than they do on their own future. And your future is important, because you’re going to spend the rest of your life there.

Here is my response to debilitating, unnecessary, energy-sapping fear:

“Robin, I am really worried that this isn’t going to work out. I will be so embarrassed if nobody shows up.”

Robin: “Spend three times the amount of energy and time on your effort. Find four new ways to Joint Venture the deal. Create a Mastermind with the most successful people you know, especially for this event. You won’t have the time to worry and you will succeed. Tell yourself, ‘I am a master organizer. I am laser focused. I do whatever it takes, 24/7. I attract good people. I am unstoppable and 120% confident.’ Commit yourself publicly. Put yourself on the line.”

“Robin, I think I am going to fail at this. What if it doesn’t work?”

Robin: “At this rate, you WILL fail. Stop being so timid and scared and start insisting on success. Get your petty ego out of the way. What if it doesn’t wok out? Who will die? You will have learnt enough to do better next time. Become a warrior. Change your self talk. Stop mixing with losers. Get serious about winning and HAVE FUN! Business is a game. Stop whining and start working. Make it happen.”

“Robin, I hope this thing works out, but rest assured, I will try my very best.”

Robin: “Let’s walk away from this arrangement right now. TRY = To Relive Yesterday’s Failures. When you say you HOPE and you will TRY you are already setting yourself up for failure. You are making excuses for yourself in advance. Think about Mohammad Ali: he never doubted himself and he always told everyone that he would success, so he did. You are your own worst enemy and you should be your best ally.”

Can you imagine General Patton uttering these weak misgivings? Read his speeches and model his confidence. Can you imagine Churchill whimpering like this? Can you imagine a real winner being halfhearted, nervous and doubtful? I think not. Winners and champions give no recognition to the possibility of failure. They rely on themselves and they walk their talk. They will do whatever it takes to succeed. They will not let you down. They are supremely confident and they are very hard working and disciplined. You can only be one thing at a time - positive or negative. Choose to be positive.

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