How To Guarantee the Positive Attention of Prospective Buyers

How do you feel about telesales? Don’t you think, “What an irritation – this salesperson hasn’t earned the right to call me, interrupt me and try to sell me something that I can easily buy from any number of trusted friends if I wanted it?” That’s exactly how I feel about salespeople who call me up and pitch me on their products and services. There is no reason why I should even consider talking to them, let alone do business with them. And yet, that’s how 95% of salespeople operate these days. There is a better way.

Recently, I was interviewed by Heather Vale on her outstanding Success Unwrapped show. She did a wonderful job and she attended my seminar in Toronto last week. She is a Member of the international DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum, and a highly respected businesswoman. When she calls me, how do you think I respond? Very favorably, of course, I want to reciprocate. Right here, she gets exposed to many. She earned the right, impressed me and created massive value for me. Another Champion is Eric Gilbert-Williams, of , a Member who has contributed significantly to the growth of my business in Ontario. How do think I respond to any requests from Eric?

Whatever you’re selling, even if you’re selling yourself into a job opportunity, the same principles apply. Guarantee the positive, even eager attention of the person you want to sell to, using these simple guidelines:

1. Get introduced to them by someone whom they know, trust and respect.

2. EARN the right – use the Law of Reciprocity to sow before you attempt to reap. Only the brainless and desperate still believe that works.

3. Know the person to whom you are pitching – do your homework. I have been approached by some geniuses who haven’t even taken the time to look at my website before calling me. Then you can push the right buttons and make them an offer they simply can’t refuse.

4. Whatever it is you’re selling, the person you are approaching has dozens of alternatives. Remember that and be prepared to differentiate yourself by adding massive, unprecedented value.

5. DON’T be CHEAP. Be prepared to spend some money to position and package yourself or you will simply reveal your desperation and ignorance. I had someone ask me to call him back so that he could save on the telephone call!

We live in a dichotomous business world – on the one hand, we have the highly sophisticated, slick approach that is often too well packaged to be believable, and then on the other the hand the coffee-stained, computer printed business card of the MLM’er. By using the above principles, you can elevate yourself to a position where you demand and get the positive attention of those you wish to sell to. Read more about the DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum at

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