How Will You Face 2007?

Will you hit the ground running, focused, strong and excited in 2007, or fat, flabby, stressed out and desperate?

When I hit the army camp at the age of seventeen, I was a child returning from a trip to snowy Europe to a 95-degree African sun. I was six days late for basic training (by permission) and given a steel trunk, which was loaded to the brim with uniform, toiletries, eating utensils, pack, a rifle, helmet and more, and was told that I would run and continue to run, even while getting kitted out, or face dire consequences. I believed them, so I ran. I passed squadrons of other new recruits, all running, drilling and occasionally vomiting or collapsing from the rigors or basic training. Three long months later, I emerged tough, fit, trained, ready to kill and ready to fight. I was a man. I had loved every minute of my tough basic training. Most of all, I was supremely confident.

Most people gain weight, lose motivation, and basically vegetate over the Christmas period, and then they struggle to resurrect their business, body, and attitude in the New Year. They will overspend and overeat and lurch drunkenly into the traffic of 2007. No wonder most fail dismally when it comes to their vague, compromised New Years Resolutions. A warrior prepares his or her mind and body for battle and victory. You can use the period of time between today and January 3 to get lean and mean, to lose weight, strengthen your attitude and resolve, forge new relationships with winners and plan for success. Prepare, practice, perfect, and position yourself for success in 2007. Align yourself with eagles and rid yourself of the turkeys (except for the ones you eat!) Hit the ground running on pure jet fuel in January.

When the turkeys waddle westward, the eagles fly east. While the plebes pig out on cookies and candy, the Eagles work out. While the turkeys have passed out from too much liquor, the Eagles are preparing their battle plans. Did you know you could get business appointments over the Christmas period with winners? Try it. You will be surprised. When you love your work, when you’re on a mission with a commission, work is no longer work. I encourage you to take a good, hard look at your life and decide if you want to make 2007 the best year of your life so far, or not. Join the champions and make it happen. Remember what Yoda taught us: “"Do or do not - there is no try"

Robin J. Elliott

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