How to Get a Potential JV Partners Attention

Many entrepreneurs still believe they will get and keep your attention by mailing you a brochure or sales letter. Nothing could be further from the truth. When I receive brochures, flyers, or sales letters, through either the mail, or when they’re thrust at me by some enthusiastic salesperson at a trade show or networking event, I usually throw them away without even looking at them. I don’t have time to waste. So how do you get someone’s attention?

First, listen to what they want and what they’re interested in. Respond to their particular need, “Hot Button”, or interest. For example, one of our astute Members, Sandra Dindayal, knows that I love eggs. At the Joint Venture Broker Bootcamp last week, she presented me with a delicious dish of eggs for lunch. Sandra is also our travel Sponsor. Member Blair Mills, knows I’m crazy about eagles, so he bought me the most beautiful eagle ornament I have ever seen. Now, every time I walk into our parlor, I see the eagle and think of Blair. If someone loves pumpkin pie, why waste his time and your money by giving him ice cream?

Second, make a lasting impression and use other people to be your walking advertisements, by presenting them with corporate clothing. Member Dawn Baxter provides high quality, yet affordable clothing with your company information on it, to present to potential Joint Venture partners and people whom you want to benefit. Think about this: When our General Manager, Jim Kennedy, a very highly respected and well-known leader in the community, walks into a room or onto the golf course wearing DollarMakers attire, isn’t he advertising our company to everyone whom he meets? Remember that you don’t want some strange gang member wearing your company logo on his polo shirt – be selective.

And third, give them something that will hold their attention for as long as possible. You could send them this link to a free download of my book, “Joint Adventures” – it’s applicable to nearly anyone, and while they’re reading it, they will be thinking warm thoughts about you:

Our Techical Director for Dollarmakers, Member Winston Bromley, is known for the way he will do whatever it takes to help our Members solve their technical challenges, no matter how trivial. He takes hours to walk them through processes if necessary. A real mensch. And a genius.

Make a lasting impression by giving away gifts that help, inspire, and hit the mark. Create massive reciprocity, a fertile field for lucrative and satisfying joint ventures. Get your face and your name in front of them repeatedly. Cause warm, fuzzy feelings. Show them that you listen to them and that you care about them. Like our Sponsor, the General Manager of the Ramada Toronto Airport, Member Guy Lucas, who makes my every stay a pleasure by attending to my every need.

When you customize and personalize your giving, your reap much more. Think about it: the six people mentioned in this article are being introduced to thousands of people who read this Blog and in my ezines.

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