If Its Good Enough For Big Business Its Even Better For Small Business

Watch the Apprentice and you’ll see Donald Trump joint venturing with a number of other partners.

British Telecom and AT&T joint ventured in 1998. Now Yahoo and EBay and also Dell and Google. Ford and Mazda joint ventured. So did Toyota and General Motors, Sony and Ericsson, Texaco and Royal Dutch Shell… Verizon Wireless, with 51.3 million customers, is a joint venture of Verizon Communications and Vodafone Group, with 55 and 45 percent ownership respectively.

I could go on all day, but the fact is large businesses Joint Venture as part of their business strategy. Why? Because joint ventures make a lot of business sense. Joint ventures make EVEN MORE sense when small businesses do it, especially when they do it with no money and no risk!

If it can work for Wal-Mart, Sony and Pfizer, Disney and Nike, it will probably work for you, especially since you have nothing to lose.

Recently, I talked with a friend who is an expert in asset protection. He told me that most rich people have always used joint ventures to protect themselves. It’s nothing new. It’s just that average people are not aware of it.

Joint ventures are not rocket science. They take a basic and objective understanding of value, money, supply and demand, and leverage.

The biggest enemy of JVs is ego. This is the biggest obstacle small business owners face, preventing them from taking advantage of this smart money making system.

The smartest people I know are brokers. They are free of overhead, risk, employees, inventory, limitations, barriers and cash flow problems. They link people up and triangulate deals and spend relatively little time doing it.

The returns are limitless with 100% profit. You don’t have to sell your own products or services or even own a business in order to broker a joint venture deal. You don’t have to know much about the businesses you deal with. Short learning curve, long passive income period, low or no risk or cost, high return – it doesn’t get better than that! High tech, low tech, slow tech or no tech, it doesn’t really matter which business you deal with or where it’s located – the principles work. And when a deal goes south, don’t worry – if you set it up correctly, there’s no loss!

Here are three ways that you can lose with joint ventures:

1) Deal with the wrong people.

2) Fail to understand the concept of joint ventures.

3) Don’t take action.

The DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum was created to provide JV partners and the training and support necessary for anyone, anywhere, to ride the JV Magic Carpet to Financial Success. This is my Personal Invitation to hop on board and fly away from the frustration, fear and failure that many small business owners have to cope with every day.

With joint ventures, there’s no more “feast or famine”, no more creditors knocking at your door, and no more sleepless nights.

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