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Marketing - Fun and Toys

A man sought my help after four years of unsuccessfully trying to sell his franchises.

I researched what the market really, really wanted and then doubled the price of the franchise and added a free trip for two to Disneyworld.

The franchise sold in four months. When I was in real estate, when I added a free television set for anyone who bought a house from me, I sold more houses.

Why do they have conventions in Las Vegas instead of some unknown, small town? Because people want to play and have fun. They want an excuse to buy toys and have fun.

Instead of thinking about what YOU want all the time, think about what your prospects want. Instead of hidden costs, try obvious perks. Trips, toys and trinkets are proven to work, especially when there’s a choice. People don’t want points or money or discounts as much as they want toys.

A man wants to buy a PDA. His wife says he should pay down some debt or buy a new refrigerator. He is then offered the opportunity to attend one of two seminars – one is for $800 and the other one costs $1500 but includes a “free” PDA.

Guess which seminar he will attend. Some people need to justify toys and fun and when you give them the opportunity to do so, they grab it. Try adding a digital camera to your product or service and increase the cost of the product or service by the price of the camera, and see what happens. Give your customers an excuse to have fun.

“Belinda, I know sales are down and I need to clean the garage out, but you know I have to attend that sales convention in Vegas and the river rafting “team building” will really help our sales.”

“Bob, I know the kids are sick and you’re busy, but you’re just going to have to play Mom for a week while I take my sales team down to Hawaii for our convention. I need to train them up to increase sales and the spa treatments will help us bond.”

Free gifts also work really well. My friend buys a Mercedes from the same dealership every time because they always send his wife a huge bunch of yellow roses. Get creative and think about giving people a great excuse to buy from you.

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