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"I Owe Everything I Have to Joint Ventures," he said. And he meant it. Geoff had been watching his business slide down into a never-ending cash flow crisis for months. We've all heard the old, "Feast or Famine, Chicken or Feathers" saying. Well, Geoff had been eating feathers for so long he'd nearly laid an egg. The future looked dismal and he felt terrible.

Then he learnt about Joint Ventures. The scales fell from his eyes. He stopped thinking about selling and started thinking about what other people wanted. He started looking at the big picture and forgot about the old desperation tactics. All of a sudden, he relaxed and saw potential under every tree and gold in the streets. He started asking, "What will it take?", "How can I help you?" and "What do YOU want?" and the attitudes of other people changed. Now they wanted to talk with him and started returning his calls!

Two simple win/win deals in which Geoff worked with strong Joint Venture partners doubled his business in a week. He could hardly believe it. And he never looked back. He started carrying business cards with just his name and contact information on them and he stopped delivering his little "Elevator Speech" sales pitch. He became a confidante, a helper, a friend, instead of a salesman. People started to seek him out - after all, he provided solutions to their problems - why wouldn't they look for him?

Many people think Joint Venture's are "Networking" or "Paying a commission for leads" or "Referrals". Joint Ventures are much more. They can be triangulated, include barter, you name it. Simple. Quick. Safe. Easy. Fast. No money or risk. Huge Return On Investment.

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