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One summer night more than forty years after the sinking of the Titanic, the world was stunned as the impossible repeated itself. Unlike the Titanic however, the Andrea Doria sank due to human error, causing a whirlwind of rumors about sunken treasure and crew negligence. Was the treasure real? Why did she sink? The answers to these questions seemed forever-locked in mystery as the doomed liner settled in her watery grave. The day after her sinking though, young millionaire adventurer Peter Gimbel became the first person to dive to the wreck and returned to the site often over the next two decades to probe for answers.

Rika and I watched the Discovery Channel’s presentation of Gimbel's final trip to the site in 1981 as he and his team explored submerged passageways and attempted to salvage the liner's safes. His 25-year obsession with the Andrea Doria unlocked the riddles surrounding its sinking and solve once and for all the mystery surrounding this tragedy. Gimble was a treasure hunter.

Hidden treasure has always captured our imagination. As a child, I would walk along the beach, fully expecting to the tip of a treasure chest sticking out of the hot sand at any moment, or to find a diamond ring. To my mind, finding a diamond ring would make me and my family instant millionaires and I would be like Richie Rich. Who of us hasn’t read Treasure Island? It’s a fascinating idea, isn’t it?

“Somewhere over the rainbow” and Hidden Treasure are exciting, yet elusive, triggers to our imagination. We don’t really believe we will find it. Many people buy lottery tickets yet most don’t really believe they will win the lottery. What about finding out about REAL treasure, and then creating a way to discover it? Dreams are stories are great, but then Monday morning comes around and many of us slink reluctantly back to our boring jobs, grudgingly chain ourselves to our desks and wish it was home time. Like the manager of my building, a wonderful guy with massive potential. He freely admits that Monday is the worst day of his week, every week, and it gets progressively better as the weekend gets closer. Friday is his best day, and there is a visible transformation. He is happy, singing, excited and energetic. That lasts the whole day. And after two days, Monday finds him morose and dejected again.

I love working on my business. I look forward to Mondays. That’s because my business is a treasure hunt! I know the treasure is out there, in the form of people who join our DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum. We discover a treasure regularly! We know it’s there, and there’s no risking of lives, decompression chambers, millions of dollars of costs or man-eating sharks. Unlike Mr. Gimble, we won’t dredge up a safe with no treasure in it. That’s why my business is so exciting. As we discover wonderful entrepreneurs, we discover treasure. We can make an unlimited amount of money using Joint Ventures. If you’d like to join my treasure hunting team, visit

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