Joint Ventures Can Set Prisoners Free

How can a prisoner in a cell earn legitimate money and send it home to his wife and kids or aged parents?

Before I answer that question, and I will, let’s remember that there are many prisoners out there who are not in jail cells. Think about it. Seniors who are confined to their homes or rooms, through illness, physical disability, lack of transport or poverty, disabled people, stay-at-home Moms, people who work long and unusual hours at their jobs, immigrants (I’m one) teenagers who need more money and can’t make enough with a newspaper route, unemployed people who can’t find a job, people who are prisoners of their environment where it’s simply too dangerous to walk down the street…

There are many people who are prisoners of their own thoughts. Their thoughts have locked them into scarcity, fear, lack, poverty and desperation. Last night Rika and I went for dinner in a nice restaurant. The 29 year old waitress told us that she is a single Mom and there is no way she can make more money, she’s in trouble, the country is more dangerous than ever and there are no jobs available. She probably tells every middle-aged couple the same story in order to increase her tips, but she seemed to actually believe what she told us. If you tell the same lie enough times, you will believe it. She lives in the safest country in the world: Canada. There is an unlimited amount of money available. There are many jobs available. She is surrounded by opportunities. In Alberta, they are crying for people – they can’t fill the positions. Five restaurants closed down in Edmonton because they couldn’t get employees… It’s all in the mind of the waitress. I gave her my card, encouraged her to look at our website and call me if she had a question. The chances of her calling me are miniscule, but she got the chance to change her life. I can show her how to do that very easily. She won’t call. Her mental prison walls are too high. By changing our thinking about money, we can set ourselves free, both physically and mentally. Leap over those prison walls, my friend, with the power of Joint Ventures.

We also need to understand that a businessperson who needs customers and sales doesn’t care where or how the business is generated, as long as it’s legal. He doesn’t care who brings him the money, as long as he gets it honestly. So your background, circumstances, past, appearance and experience are of no interest to a real businessperson. The fact that you’re incarcerated in a prison cell, an old age home, or a hut in a forest is of no importance whatsoever. You bring me business, I’m going to pay you. Where shall I send the check?

Now let’s finally get back to the prisoner. If he has access to the Internet (and many do; they have their own websites, access to the telephone, etc.) If that prisoner was to read everything and listen to all the interviews and podcasts on my website and all the articles on my Blog, plus my read my book, Joint Adventures, (download your free version here ) he would realize that he probably has more time available to make money, and more opportunity, than may other people who are not in prison!

Let’s be very specific. The prisoner uses the internet to get a business to agree to pay him a commission on all business generated. We have hundreds of Members worldwide who will agree do just that in a heartbeat. So now, the prisoner has a lot of products or services to sell on a commission basis. Next, he finds people who control or have access to a large amount of people who can buy those products and services. He can use the same list of businesses that pay commissions! Then he connects the supply with the demand through a joint venture and gets paid. All on the Internet or telephone. There is no limit to the amount of business he can generate. He can distribute tens of thousands of copies of my book in an e-book format, and get paid on all the resulting sales. It’s a lot easier than it seems. He can distribute free reports, e-books, samples, consultations, gift certificates, and seminar seats at no cost to himself. No money, no risk, no limitations. He can work internationally. He CAN. And I can show him how to do it.

The same goes for all the other prisoners. Think about that waitress last night. Instead of whining about how bad her life is and lowering herself to the level of a beggar, could she instead approach a yoga teacher or a hair salon or beauty spa and get them to give her gift vouchers for a free class, pedicure or haircut, on the understanding that, if that free sample resulting in real paid business, the waitress would be paid an on-going commission? Sure she could. No selling required. No risk. And could this waitress then approach my wife and say, “Mrs. Elliott, as a thank you gesture for being such a wonderful guest, I would like to present you with this free gift certificate for a complimentary haircut at Salon Suzie”? Of course she could. Would she make a good impression? Would she get a bigger tip? Would she now be a Joint Venture Broker and be able to claim business expenses as tax relief? Could she double her income overnight? You know she could. How about offering a free jewelry cleaning and evaluation gift certificate, and getting paid a commission on resulting jewelry sales? She can be a waitress or she can have waitresses work for her, distributing Gift Certificates. You can work in a toll booth or you can own the toll booth; it’s your choice.

Before you say, “But how will she know she will get paid?” remember that she has no risk, and no cost. Most business owners are honest, especially Members of the DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum, who agree to abide by a strict Code of Ethics or get fired. Even if she didn’t work with a Member business and she didn’t get paid, what did she lose? Nothing. She made a positive impression, got a bigger tip and learned about money and business, more than she would ever learn in some college or university.

And if you say, “But I’m not a waitress”, we can show you how to work with that same waitress and you will both make money. In fact, you can have a hundred waitresses distributing thousands of gift certificates, even if you’re in a prison cell. The word, “BUT” will keep you in prison as surely as a guard with a large dog and a gun. Rather use the word, “HOW?”

Joint Ventures can set prisoners free. They set me free. They can set you and millions of others around the world free. As long as you really want out of your prison cell, whatever that cell might be. And as you get free, you can set millions of others free as well and get paid for it. Zig Ziglar said, “You can get anything you want out of life, if you’re prepared to help enough other people to get what they want.” That’s what DollarMakers is all about. Making dollars. Make your dreams come true with no money and no risk, using Joint Ventures. The world is your oyster. Your first step is to do what I suggested that waitress does. Visit, download my free book, and join the DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum.

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