Joint Ventures for Immigrants

As an immigrant myself, I understand the hopes, fears, dreams and unique problems faced by immigrants, no matter where they are in the world. Immigrants often face challenges that only other immigrants can understand. Often their qualifications are not accepted or they have no local experience, so they accept whatever they can get. Having worked with hundreds of immigrants, I know how hard it is to start all over again.

Immigrants don’t always understand the culture in their new home. They might be afraid of risking their savings. They often don’t realize just how different things are in this new world. They sometimes face racism, xenophobia and people who take advantage of their vulnerability. They want to be accepted and blend in to their new environment, but it can be very strange and difficult. Money problems can lead to loss of self respect, shame, relationship problems and withdrawal. I know of a number of immigrants who ended up divorced from their spouses, their dreams crushed. Others lost their savings and will have to work until they die – UNLESS THEY FIND AN ALTERNATIVE.

The good news is that any immigrant, in any country, can use Joint Ventures to create an income fast, with no money or risk, no database, no business experience and no connections or support system. Just like I did. You don’t need money, reputation or inventory. As long as someone else has it, you can access and leverage it, if you know how. When I got to Canada, the condominium agent didn’t want to rent me an apartment because I was new in the country with no track record or credit record here! Talk about starting over. I got a friend of mine, the head of the US Peace Corps for Southern Africa, to send tem a testimonial. That worked. Ridiculous, but that’s what many immigrants face. You can’t get a job, because you don’t have “Canadian experience”. Chicken and egg. But I didn’t want a job – I didn’t need one! You don’t need to accept a minimum wage job or drive a cab or kowtow to some idiot boss. You can create multiple streams of income and financial independence using Joint Ventures. Don’t buy a business. Don’t get a job. Get smart. Use Joint Ventures.

Joint Venture Brokers leverage other peoples’ money, credit, reputation, resources and access. The monkey they earn is 100% profit. And they get all the tax breaks that any other business gets. They don’t sell time, they take no risks and they carry no overhead. They can live in a cardboard box and use a pay phone. They don’t have to sell anything. All they do is link people up with businesses supplying the products or services they want and need, and get well paid for it – win/win/win. They have a JV mindset and build bridges between supply and demand. Anyone can do this. Immigrants have the courage to leave their comfort zone, home and friends, security and support system. They are courageous. They richly deserve the rewarding world of Joint Ventures. You can find more information at

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