Leaping the Barrier to Massive Success by Robin J Elliott

We only leave our comfort zone when we exceed our pain threshold. When the pain of change is less than the pain of the status quo, we take action. On the other hand, if the incentive is large enough (everybody has his price) we will be ready to make the changes necessary. We know that if we keep on doing what we’ve been doing, our circumstances won’t really change much. They might deteriorate, of course. How can you manipulate your mind so that you take the action that will help you eagerly leap over the barrier of your comfort zone and achieve massive success?

The way we perceive our circumstances, including our comfort zone and opportunities, is a subjective choice. We choose the interpretation we afford our lives. Change your perception and interpretation, and you can be overcome your addiction to comfort, break through the barrier to unparalleled success and be free. Nobody likes change or risk. But what is the risk of staying where you are? What are the benefits of change? What are the potential rewards? Will you see the glass as half full, or half empty? How can you create a support team that will inspire, encourage, motivate, and assist you through the change?

Let’s use a simple example. A salesman hates his boss and is slipping deeper into debt every month. His production is getting worse. He’s at the bottom of the sales chart in the office. His marriage is starting to suffer and his self-esteem is diminishing daily. He is starting to show loser signs – drinking too much, smoking, buying Lotto tickets, and suffering call reluctance. He knows this, so he keeps very busy with administrative work, his service club, and any activity, which carries no risk or makes him feel better about himself. He is hiding. He gets offered a new job / business opportunity. This one pays commission only and carries no base salary (he gets a base salary in his current job) but has huge potential. He decides to stay in his job: “Better the devil you know than the one you don’t know,” he whines. “I don’t want to fall from the frying pan into the fire,” he whimpers. “I can’t afford to take more risks,” he sobs. So things get progressively worse.

Perhaps he thinks he’s lazy. “Lazy” doesn’t really exist. Lack of motivation and the fear of pain exist. His call reluctance and sleeping in while his Mommy (Wife) goes out to earn more money is really his way to avoid the pain of rejection and facing reality. He won’t be “lazy” if he has to go and collect a four million dollar Lotto winning, will he? I think not. He’ll stay up all night and work like crazy to get to the Lotto office. How about if he got as excited about his new opportunity as he does about winning the Lotto? What if he focused on the potential, the solutions, the fun, or his new job offer? What if he really started believing that it will change his life for the better? How about he starts accepting that within a short while, if he continues on the path he is on, he will lose his wife and kids, job, house and self-respect?

When we start to mentally and emotionally attach enormous pain to our present circumstances and the consequences of not changing direction, and associate massive pleasure to leaping over the barrier of our comfort zone, it gets easier to do the right thing. And if we have a group of enthusiastic, honest, successful, and courageous friends to support this smart move, we’re on the way to unprecedented success and joy. When we focus on what we want, (Dignity, self-respect, abundance, happy family, freedom, success, peace of mind) instead of what we do not want (fear, debt, tension, stress) we can handle the discomfort of change. Especially when we have a strong support system.

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