"I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature."

– John D. Rockefeller

Are you experiencing a difficult time and perhaps considering giving up? The key to real, lasting success is Perseverance. It is the hallmark of Eagles. Champions win because perseverance is part of who they are, and it is reflected in every aspect of their lives. It separates the men from the boys. It is based on a strong foundation of self discipline. Eagles will never tell you, “I’ll TRY”. They don’t make excuses. They make it happen. Samuel Johnson said, “If your determination is fixed, I do not counsel you to despair. Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed not by strength, but perseverance.”

Look at the lives of successful people and you will find a steel will; a steel fist in a velvet glove. They know the secret to success is to persist and persevere. These people don’t doubt their own ability and they expect to win. The book I suggest below, about Evander Holyfield, is one of the most inspiring books around. Do yourself a favor- at least read the reviews. Norman Vincent Peale said, “If you want to get somewhere you have to know where you want to go and how to get there. Then never, never, never give up.” When you decide that nothing and nobody is going get between you and your goals, you have already won! It has to happen in your head and your heart and deep down in your gut before you will take the necessary action and get the results you want.

There are two people in your life: those who will encourage you, challenge you and inspire you, and those who will discourage, depress, sabotage and undermine you. Get rid of the latter. Remove them from your life. They are poison. They usually hide behind “I care about you”, smiles and “tact”, but believe me, they are hell bent on your failure. The former, on the other hand, will stand by you, support you and remind you when you slack off. Seek them out. They are headed in the same direction that you are. Team up with them – Joint Venture with them. They don’t even consider the possibility of failure, and neither should you.

Napoleon Hill said, “Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel.” Demand that of yourself. Insist on winning. Do not give in to greed, sloth, attachment or fear. Be resolute and firm. Do not take “No” for an answer, and you will join the Eagles who always end up winning. They may be bloodied and scarred from battle, but they are the victors. Don’t quit – you deserve to win!

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Book Recommendation:

“The Holyfield Way: What I Learned about Courage, Perseverance, and the Bizarre World of Boxing” by James J., II Thomas, Evander Holyfield

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” – Thomas Edison

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