Put Your Networking on Steroids

If you belong to a business networking group, here is a way for you to start making ten times more money (that’s if you’re actually making any right now), real fast. Most people who attend networking meetings are out there trying to sell their product or service. Good, honest people, working far too hard for far too little. There might be one or two, or even three real prospects for you to sell to. But how much relationship can you really build during that short time, interrupted by a hastily gulped, inferior and overpriced meal, in between listening to a lot of self-employed salespeople pitching their elevator speeches? Business networking is limited, takes a lot of time and usually gets dismal, if any, results. What would happen if you could do business with everyone ion the room? What would happen if you didn’t have to sell anything?

Instead of arriving at a networking group with your business cards and an elevator speech, how about being there to listen to other people and help them solve their problems? Everyone in that group has problems and goals. If you can help them to solve their problems and reach their goals, you can get well paid for it. For example, if I sell insurance and Billy needs a house, instead of thinking there’s no sale there, I can introduce him to John, who is a trusted realtor, and get paid a commission by John if Billy buys a house from him. That commission is 100% profit to me. These deals can get very involved and very lucrative, especially when you triangulate deals and institute back end products and sales. You can create multiple streams of passive income from your networking group.

This is the way Joint Venture Brokers approach networking groups. Everybody is a potential income source. You are perceived as a “Problem Solver” and a “Helper”, instead of a “Pushy Salesperson.” You get paid for linking supply with demand. You leverage all the relationships and contacts in the room, as well as contacts of contacts. And if you’re really smart, you won’t even talk about what you do. Know why? Nobody cares about you or your business! Everyone is really only interested in their own problems and goals, and when you take a sincere interest in assisting them, you get real popular, real fast. Joint Venture Brokers are money magnets. There are only two barriers to effectively brokering JV deals left, right and center: understanding how it works and finding good JV partners. You're welcome to send this link to your friends as a complimentary download of my book, Joint Adventures. It sells as a download on my websites for US$15, but for you, no charge!


And we have the solution for you on both counts: join the DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum and get instant access to 440 Member JV Brokers who agree to abode by our code of ethics and who WANT to pay you commissions, and attend our Joint Venture Broker Bootcamps or invest in our Home Study Course to learn how to be a successful Joint Venture Broker.

Robin J. Elliott

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