Reciprocity in Joint Ventures

I know many people who offer financial planning and insurance products and services. And there is only one of them to whom I would refer business or joint venture with at this time in time. How did he differentiate himself from all the rest? Is it his vast experience? No – he’s actually quite new in the field. Is it is great success? No – he’s new. Is it because of his qualifications or smart brochures or luxury offices? No. It’s because he has given me a REASON to want to send him business and work with him!

The best and most effective way to induce, persuade and ethically bribe people to mention your name, work with you and refer loads of business to you and the ideal way to differentiate yourself in the market and create top-of-mind awareness, is to create unprecedented, massive reciprocity. Read this sentence again; it could change your life. Joint Ventures are based on reciprocity. It’s very simple. If you are good and kind to me, if you are sincerely interested in helping me achieve my goals and you consistently create value for me, if you go out of your way to assist me and support me, it’s human nature that I will want to find a way to reciprocate.

Let’s look at how this particular financial services individual put himself solidly into my good books and how he has caused me to write this article, which will be read by thousands of people in this ezine and on my Blog, at no cost to him.

His name, by the way, is Wilson Poon. Wilson joined the Dollarmakers Joint Venture Forum and attended our Joint Venture Broker Bootcamp. Every time he attends any event that I speak at or any Members meeting, I receive a “Thank You” e-mail immediately. Out of hundreds of people, Wilson Poon is usually the ONLY ONE that does so! It costs him nothing to send that e-mail. He started a Mastermind group with some of the other Members and did exceptional work setting it up, simply to create added value for those Members. He is consistently friendly, he’s a good listener, he pays compliments and his humility is built on a firm foundation of great intelligence and integrity. So he creates reciprocity and it pays off.

Using Joint Ventures, you can take this to the next level by offering literally thousands of dollars of real, added value to your products and services, at absolutely no cost to you, using coupons, Gift Certificates and Trade. But always remember one thing: Human nature doesn’t change. What goes around, comes around. You reap what you sow. And because 99% of business owners don’t understand the leverage available to them through Joint Ventures, you can leave your competition bewildered choking in the dust, while you grow your bottom line exponentially with no money and no risk. You can find more information at

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