Self Esteem = Income

Yes, you earn money in direct proportion to your level of self-respect and self-worth. People who suffer from guilt and low self-esteem will be robbed by self-sabotage, hesitancy, personal limitations, limited thinking, and negative beliefs. This is a fact. The better you feel about yourself, the more you believe you deserve, the more money you will attract. “Good people deserve to be rewarded” happens in your head and then it happens in your wallet.

Instead of trying to deal with guilt, be it false or deserved, or trying to psychoanalyze you, let’s focus on what we can do RIGHT AWAY to radically improve your self-esteem, so that you become the money magnet you want to be. Logically, good choices make us feel good about ourselves, while bad choices make us feel guilty and bad. In addition, it’s good to model your behavior of successful people, so that the believability is higher. When self-esteem is low, we tend to trust others more than ourselves. So let’s model what successful people do in order to achieve and maintain high self worth, confidence and optimism. Let’s use their proven recipe!

Simply follow this simple recipe for High Self-Respect and watch your bank balance grow!

$ Successful people are self-disciplined. They will do whatever it takes to succeed and deliver on their promises. They are on time, in place, reliable and professional. They take responsibility and always do their best.

$ Successful people are focused. They don’t jump from project to project, scheme to scheme and relationship to relationship. They are loyal, dependable, and reliable.

$ Successful people go the extra mile. They always give more than what is expected of them, constantly seek to improve their performance, and never, ever quit.

$ Successful people are helpful. They help others but they don’t allow others to hold them back. They are caring and supportive, humble and direct. They are not usually politically correct – the truth is more important to them than the opinions of the masses.

Now, if you applied these principles in your life, how would you feel about yourself? Easy, isn’t it? Most important of all, successful people only deal with and socialize with other successful people. They don’t mix with losers or whiners. Follow this recipe for two months and watch your bank manager beam!

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