Self Talk for Successful Joint Venture Brokers

Here’s a little self-test for you to see just how powerful positive affirmations are.

We’ve all heard that when you repeat positive affirmations with passion, belief, and enthusiasm, you effect amazing change in your life. Most of us never take the time to really focus on that powerful exercise and our skepticism instantly kicks in when we hear it. So, here’s a test to prove it.

Have someone agree to join you in this little experiment. Stand in front of your friend, facing one another. Hold your right arm out horizontal with the ground. Now close your eyes and think about the most positive, happy, uplifting times in your life for four, full minutes. Breathe deeply. Imagine you’re there, feeling the feelings, smelling the smells. Really get into it. Now, signal your friend to try to push your arm down. He will find it very difficult. You will find a lot of power in your right arm.

Now repeat the exercise, remembering and visualizing the most negative, depressing and pessimistic experiences you ever had. Your friend will easily push your arm down; you’re weak and powerless. Try it – it works. Just like when you use negative phrases and affirmations like, “I’ll try – I’ll do my best – I hope so – if only – BUT – easy for you to say so – Too good to be true - what's the catch? - I’m dumb/slow/stupid/poor” – you get the point. What you talk about will not only affect your thoughts and attitude, choices and abilities, energy, health and relationships, it will also directly affect your bank account.

You can change your life by changing your thoughts, and it happens faster than you think. By using positive affirmations, you will find yourself making very good choices, some of which will get you positive results very soon. Here’s another exercise. Try this: enthusiastically, passionately and loudly verbalize the following affirmations for ten minutes with belief, faith and conviction, then read my offer at the end of the affirmations (not before) and see whether you react positively or negatively, and whether or not you take action. I will list my very own, personal, favorite affirmations for you.

I am a lean, mean, money machine!

I am bulletproof and powerful!

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better, richer and richer, stronger and stronger!

I love life, I love people, I love business, I help millions of people and create massive value for them, and I am rewarded for it very day!

I have multiple rushing rivers of massive, increasing, passive income, flowing into my life every day!

I am indestructible and laser beam focused. I smash through every challenge and every enemy!

I am the Prophet of Profit - I prophesy greater wealth for myself and all the JV Forum Members who want it!

I am an unstoppable, absolutely focused, determined, fearless warrior!

I am a DollarMaker. I am a money magnet. I attract wealth and joy. I attract amazing Joint Ventures and wonderful people into my life.

I create my future and I make my dreams come true.

I am happy, healthy and successful!

I am surrounded by wonderful friends and family. Together, we do amazing things.

Now read this:

I was made an offer by a wonderful Member of the Joint Venture Forum. She said I could become a bona fide travel agent with all the benefits, fam trips and discounts for $389 and get double my money back in 30 days. I did. She has personally made $4,000 in 23 days. I will make a serious amount of money and save a lot of money doing this as well. If you’re interested, contact me for more information.

How did you respond? It was a genuine offer, by the way. We focus either on what we want or on what we don’t want, why things can work or why they can’t. Your affirmations will affect your life a lot, as long as you use them consistently and with focused energy, visualization and belief. You will move from fear to faith, mediocrity to greatness and despair to joy. Note that you should use specific numbers in your affirmations.

Recently, I spent a week putting a lot of energy and great focus into my affirmations. By the end of that week, I had closed a deal, which will make me thousands of dollars per month at no risk or cost to me. It works. Try it – you’ll like it.

Robin J. Elliott

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