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Last week, one of the Members of our DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum, Nathan Gilder, called me from his office in Florida, to tell me that he had just made $1,000 in a Joint Venture with a Member in the UK, Michael Silk.

Another Member in Toronto is pleased to announce that she is making 18% on her investment with a Member in Vancouver.

Too many organizations offer Memberships with big promises but no results. Our Members have access to hundreds of JV partners around the world, and those who use our services make money.

Here are the results that Tas got when we only had half the number of Members that we have now, in his own words:

I’ve had a very good experience as a member of the JV Forum. When a business partner suggested I attend a meeting in New Westminster last year I did so without much expectation. I was pleasantly surprised. First and foremost from the 40-50 members that I’ve met I have made a half-dozen good friends. That’s very important to me. Thirty years in business have taught me to only do business with people that I like.

Within this circle I have given liberally of my time where I could help and have enjoyed great reward. Since handing over my $200 membership last year to Robin I have seen $470,000 in cash coming to my company, $100,000 in new business flowing to another member company and an additional $85,000 in contracts issued by my company to members.

Joint venturing works. I’ve found that being interested in people rather then trying to be interesting myself opens doors to business and opportunity that otherwise wouldn’t be there. I’ve had fun with Robin Elliott and made money – lot’s of it. He has demonstrated time and time again the ability to make something out of nothing – and that is the definition of Create! (March 15th 2006)

Tas Morfopoulos Vancouver BC

Our Testimonials speak for themselves. Join our Forum and achieve your goals through JV's.

Robin J. Elliott

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