The Attitude with which to Approach a Joint Venture

Do you approach a potential JV partner hesitantly, tentatively, and sparingly, or are you enthusiastic, confident, and excited about your proposal? Are you timid, concerned, and fearful, or are you convinced, expectant and committed? Are you open, unattached, relaxed, and secure, or are you desperate, begging, and needy? Do you go into the negotiation with fear and trembling, or faith and gusto?

The way you feel about your Joint Venture proposal is based largely on your understanding of Joint Ventures, your training, support, planning, and preparation. Your level of confidence and self-esteem will be created before you step in to that meeting. And your level of belief and conviction will determine how well the negotiation goes. You can’t expect others to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself. You can’t expect buy-in if you haven’t bought in yourself. Your certainty and assurance has to be based on a firm foundation of insight, preparation, and training.

Members of the DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum, who have attended the JV Broker Bootcamps, read the material and used the training tools we make available, are a lot more successful than those who wing it, fake it and TRY. T.R.Y. = To Relive Yesterday’s Failures. When you have educated yourself and established a support group, you are backed up by people who will walk you through the process. I have met losers who tell me, “I will try and see if JV’s work for me before I spend any money on the training”. IDIOT. That’s like someone who tries a few operations before becoming a surgeon. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. The more you learn, the more you will earn. Practice makes perfect. Start anew every day. I took the photo on the right from my balcony this morning, of a snow-covered Mount Baker in Washington State. New beginnings!

People are naturally attracted to enthusiastic, confident, self-assured winners. It’s easy to set up lucrative Joint Ventures when you have a great attitude and you can back your claims and plans up with real information and understanding. We never stop learning, and the more we educate ourselves and practice, the better we get. Take the time to educate yourself, ask for advice when you get stuck, get involved with other successful JV Brokers and the sky is the limit.

Robin J. Elliott

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