The Dollar Sign

Symbolism. Icons. Archetypes. Emblems. Signs. Symbols. There is a deep philosophical and ideological message communicated through these visual depictions and signals. The dollar sign represents a different message to different people, depending on their conditioning and outlook on life. In our increasingly Collectivist society, I think it is important for every entrepreneur to clarify his internal representation and translation of the Dollar Sign. The way we perceive the Dollar Sign has a significant effect on our business dealings, choices, and success.

The Aristotelian philosophy is seldom taught in our academic institutions. In this age of liberalism, business is getting an increasingly bad rap and we have to guard against creeping socialism. I see too many entrepreneurs making excuses for their success, as though altruism is the higher way. The political looters and leeches encourage the unions even as they condemn them. What does the Dollar Sign really mean to you? Are you sliding down the slimy pathway of guilt that is so carefully greased by the mystics and Collectivists? Beware – your business will suffer violently.

To me, the Dollar Sign represents the word that I hold as my standard in life: RESPONSIBILITY. My highest value is Freedom and I am personally responsible for that freedom: its acknowledgement and attainment. And for maintaining the freedom, I create. The Dollar Sign reminds me to be grateful that I live in a free society. It urges me to strive to create more value for more people so that I am rewarded according to the principles of Capitalism. The Dollar Sign represents the objective evaluation of my accomplishments and production. It is the standard by which I judge my business contribution. The Dollar Sign is the happy reminder of free enterprise and the opportunity to be whatever you want to be. What we are determines what we do. What we do determines the value we create. And it is measured in Dollars.

When entrepreneurs start apologizing and pandering to those who would steal from them, they need to regroup and surround themselves with likeminded people who understand that we are responsible for ourselves. We do not owe others a living. We are not responsible for others. We can chose to help others if we wish, but they have no claim on the wealth we have worked hard to produce. We should be proud of our handiwork and accomplishments. The Dollar Sign is the business owner’s symbol of freedom, responsibility, productivity, value and reward. We understand that we earn money in direct proportion to the value we create in a Capitalist society. Money is regarded as “dirty” by those who are dirty. It is respected by those who understand it and contribute, build and create. Next time you see the Dollar Sign, ask yourself what it means to you.

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- Robin J. Elliott

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