The Gathering Storm

In my library at home, I have Winston Churchill’s Volume 1 of “The Second World War”, given to my Grandfather by my Dad in 1948. It’s titled, “The Gathering Storm”, and the theme of this Volume is:

“How the English-speaking peoples, through their unwisdom, carelessness, and good nature, allowed the wicked to rearm.”

I could write books on the application of this theme to today’s world, as you can imagine, but I would like to offer it as an analogy to our personal, financial lives.

Anyone in their right mind knows that there are serious changes coming to our socio-economic world, which will radically affect our financial situation, our Medicare, pensions, businesses, jobs and savings. Especially in Canada, where people have had an easy life under a semi-socialist government for a long time. Many people have their heads buried in the sand, and they refute and disregard the coming changes. Immigration, terrorism, outsourcing and macro-economic changes are about to turn the financial circumstances of millions of North Americans upside down.

The Jewish people have survived and prospered through the ages because of their understanding of, and use of, Capitalism, along with their transferable skills. Most small and medium business owners have very little understanding of business and money, evidenced by the failure of 87% of small business startups in their first five years, followed by the failure of 87% of the remaining 13% in the next five years. And they certainly don’t plan for major upheavals and changes.

If money isn’t important to you right now, ask any refugee, homeless person, sick person, poor person, struggling immigrant, downsized person, senior or single mom if money is important.

The understanding of, and use of, Joint Ventures can arm entrepreneurs and employees with a powerful, transferable skill set that can be applied under virtually any circumstances. By removing overhead and optimizing your profit margin through Joint Ventures, you can spread your income sources and expand your options internationally. Prophets are seldom welcomed and often stoned, as people kill the messenger. I have been called the Prophet of Profit. I predict major socio-economic upheavals and I offer the solution – become a Joint Venture Broker in preparation for the gathering storm. The Chinese have a saying, “Dig the well before you thirst.” I have shovels for sale.

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