The Mental Foundation of Successful Joint Ventures

The foundation of a successful Joint Venture Broker is mental and attitudinal. Without the right psychological set, and sans the beliefs and outlook required, don’t be surprised if your JV’s mysteriously crash like clockwork. With the wrong mindset, your Joint Ventures will fail furiously. By adjusting your mental attitude and belief system, however, you can become the Joint Venture Money Magnet you want to be.

I am constantly being approached by self development “experts” who want to teach the Members of the Joint Venture Forum how to adjust their beliefs so that their joint ventures will flourish. Only problem is that these particular self-styled gurus have no idea what a JV is. They prove that to me by the way in which they approach me. You can’t teach something that you don’t understand, Willa Sue. You can’t use mayonnaise to lubricate your tractor.

The Joint Venture mindset can only be understood by someone who actually does JV’s. We will be creating some products to help people develop this mental alignment, but meanwhile, let’s cover a few aspects of it right here.

First, remember that your belief system controls what you accomplish. You have developed your belief system about what is right, what is wrong, what is possible and what is not possible, plus what will or won’t work, and why, by gathering evidence. What you believe about yourself and your potential, about other people and money, controls your life. The evidence you have gathered will, in turn, filter any new evidence you are exposed to, because we seek evidence that will support our dominant beliefs. That means we block out anything that doesn’t fit our existing beliefs, which is pretty scary, when you come to think of it. Experts in brainwashing specialize in changing those beliefs.

Your religious beliefs, values and expectations are strongly imbedded and set, and it takes more that one quick fix seminar to change them. It takes more than reading a book or attending a TeleClass. It takes a little effort and persistence in order to turn around an attitude that has become very comfortable and entrenched over the years, in spite of the fact that your beliefs may be hindering and sabotaging your success in a big way. People reject and avoid change, yet we need to change what we think if we want to change our circumstances. You have to change what you believe in order to change what you accomplish. In order to change your beliefs, you should remember that it took years to selectively accumulate evidence and build your current belief system, and it will take some effort and time to change that.

That’s the reason why people give up so quickly when their first JV attempts don’t succeed. Deep down inside, their subconscious tells them, “See, I TOLD you it would never work. It doesn’t fit with what we believe! We believe that we have to work hard for many years, sacrifice our personal time and values and limit our income, and we have gathered lots of evidence to prove that. Now we have even more proof that we were right, and that it is impossible to make money by brokering JV’s with no risk or cost and very little time.” They actually failed on purpose, unknowingly, in order to prove that JV’s don’t work, in spite of the fact that they paid good money to learn how to broker JV’s, by giving up too soon! They are secretly, unknowingly, seeking evidence to prove themselves right and to remain in their present situation. Their dominant belief was, “This won’t work. I can’t become rich. I don’t deserve it. This doesn’t fit with what I believe.” So they quit and failed as soon as possible, to prove themselves right! As I said, scary. But true, nevertheless.

Second, remember that all our limitations are internal, governed by our own expectations and self esteem. Two people with the same background, IQ, education, opportunities and marketplace, will accomplish vastly different results, based purely on their mental attitudes. You have created your own circumstances and you will continue to determine your own success or failure in life. I often hear from people, “This society/town/environment/group is the problem.” No. YOU are the problem, the catalyst, and the solution. Once we realize that we are responsible, we can make the changes necessary.

Thirdly, accept and understand that you CAN change and that you can change dramatically. But in order to change, you have to be highly motivated and prepared to pay the price of change. There is a way to change your beliefs, expectations, mental attitude and self-image, and it is more simple than most people believe – see, there’s that old conditioning again – “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks”, and “If it was so easy, everybody would be doing it”…

So here is the simplistic, basic, easy-to-understand solution. If you want to change your beliefs and accomplish new goals, change your life and create financial freedom by brokering Joint Ventures, you must do what I had to do when I first got into business at the ripe old age of 32. I had some really ridiculous beliefs about business and money and myself. But I was highly motivated and seriously committed to change. I was prepared to pay any price. Do what I did and you’ll get the results you want:

1. Immerse yourself in Joint Venture information – there are over 380 articles on my Blog. Read them all.

2. Read my book: download it at no cost in English, Spanish or French at .

3. Read and listen to everything on

4. Attend the Joint Venture Broker Bootcamps 101 and 202 until you get results. Get the downloads, the Home Study Course, everything we offer.

5. Join the DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum so that you can surround yourself with other Members who believe in and understand and do JV’s. There is a powerful support system and unlimited opportunities for Members who really want to accomplish things. The world is our oyster and it makes sense to work together, because that way, we all accomplish more as individuals. That’s the basis of JV’s, anyway, right? Mix only with successful people.

6. Cut yourself off from negative people, losers, naysayers, negative information, socialistic and limiting viewpoints and all forms of collectivism. Do not allow information that will sabotage and undermine your new growth.

7. Manage your self talk, your input and your geographical surroundings. In a nutshell, if you tell yourself, “This won’t work” while you read collectivist literature and spend a lot of time in fast food joints, success will elude you.

8. Finally, WORK. DO. TAKE ACTION. Consistent, passionate, action. You learn by DOING, correcting, and trying again, just like that little engine that could. Work is a dirty word to a lot of people, I know, but the serious ones are prepared to work. The harder you work to change your mind, the less you will have to work as time goes by.

It worked for me and it will work for you. It takes a bit of time, but what you sow, you will reap. You will reap in direct proportion to the amount you sow and the intensity with which you sow, your level of commitment and the amount of enthusiasm and passion you bring to the table. We at the Forum are ready, willing and able to work with you. We have the tools available.

You can use Joint Ventures to accomplish all of your goals.

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