The Power of Connecting

We have been told by smart psychologists and sociologists that people are a lot happier and more fulfilled when they have many good relationships. When you have more friends and a strong support group, you’re happier, more at peace, more relaxed and congruent - and ultimately more successful in business. Unlike the desperate, quick buck sharks that sometimes roam the business networking groups seeking to sell at any cost, perceptive entrepreneurs know that building solid, reciprocal relationships is the ideal foundation for strong, sustained business growth.

At the risk of being shot as the messenger, let me remind you that nobody cares about you or your product or your service until they know, like and trust you. We all have multiple other options. Why would I do business with someone I did not know just because he thrust his business card at me and forced his elevator speech on me? Some networking groups actually oblige their members to only work with other members in the same club, without having had the time to due their due diligence or build a relationship. They are even forced to give leads to people they don’t really know! Now THAT is dangerous in our litigious society, let alone the risk to your reputation, nes pas? “Meet your quota of referrals to other members (that’s why so many of those leads are false) or you’re in trouble.” Nonsense!

When you understand Joint Ventures, your ego goes away and you start asking other people what they want. You seek to meet their needs and you stop pushing products and services. Your shingle changes from “Beware of the Salesperson” to “How Can We Help?” and people actually want to talk with you. You get interested in their family, dog, hopes and dreams and you become a friend. Then, when they need your product or service, you become the natural, automatic choice. In addition, you can make much more money through them by directing them to your JV partners in the meanwhile. JV income is 100% profit, remember?

One of my most satisfying business relationships is with someone I knew for two years before we did any business. We met in order to do business and it didn’t work out, so we became friends instead. When business came, it flowed easily and strongly. And my business relationship that currently enjoys the highest potential return on investment started when my JV Partner offered to do work for me at no charge, just because he’s a nice, caring, genuine person. Instead of $2,500 and three weeks, he did the work overnight at no cost. Since then the relationship has blossomed and it’s great to work with Winston.

Darcy Rezac says, “The single biggest determinant of happiness is how connected people are. See what you can contribute.” My motto is, “Together, we can do amazing things.” And the cornerstone of solid business growth is solid, mature relationships with solid, mature people. Connect on a personal level and business will follow.

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- Robin J. Elliott

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